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Man asks concealed carry charge be dismissed

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by HerrGlock, Feb 7, 2013.

  1. Texas357

    Texas357 Señor Member CLM

    Jan 3, 2007
    So, he volunteered to be a test case?

    What was the reason fo him being stopped in the first place?
  2. HerrGlock

    HerrGlock Scouts Out CLM

    Dec 28, 2000
    It's spelled out in the article.
  3. jpa

    jpa CLM

    May 28, 2001
    Las Vegas NV
  4. This was an arrest from 2011. So there are two ways that it could be looked at:

    It's a prior offense, before the 7th Circuit ruling, so no-go.

    Or, even though it was ruled unconstitutional in Dec 2012, it was ALWAYS unconstitutional, and so every charge and/or conviction under these laws will need to be reviewed and overturned.

    That second option could be messy if/when people start suing the state. The state is broke as it is.