Man admits shooting neighbor's puppy with .357 magnum

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    State Police are investigating after an Anderson County man admittedly shot a neighbor's dog for trespassing in his yard.

    The incident happened Sunday at a home on the banks of Beaver Lake. The Kincaid family says they were getting ready for July 4th festivities when they found their 7-month-old puppy, Ryder, lying in their yard, shot in the chest.

    For the past day, seven-year-old Lance Kincaid has served as a bedside nurse to his dog. Judy Kincaid says the pup had been out of the house for less than five minutes when he walked over to neighbor Johnny Murphy's house. Witnesses saw Murphy go inside and return with a loaded .357 Magnum that he then admittedly used to shoot the dog in the chest.

    Lance found the dog minutes later. "A hole and lots of blood on the ground. I felt horrible."

    Judy Kincaid says Murphy had never complained about the dog before. But Murphy had a different story when LEX 18 asked him to explain.

    "He threatened me three days in a row. I called the police and they didn't do anything about it," he said, "I need to talk to a lawyer, especially with (LEX 18) here. It's going to be a lot more.

    When asked if he shot the dog in self-defense, Murphy said, "Yes. I called the police myself."

    The Kincaids say they plan to press charges against Murphy. They say their goal is to try to prevent something like this from happening to another family.

    Ryder's veterinarian says he expects the dog to make a full recovery. State police say charges against Murphy are pending.

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  3. Graves

    Graves Diesel Junky

    Should have used JHP's

    I'm only kidding as the pup should make a full recovery - which I'm glad to hear.

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  4. Puppy take's a shot to the chest from a .357 mag. and the vet says he expects the dog to make a full recovery. Wow that's one bad ***** dog bet he"s not allowed to run free any more. I do like dog's just not the ones that threaten me. Had one try me i had a bat close by and he desided he didn't want to play.
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  5. Glockdude1

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    I want to know also.

    I know .357's have taken many deer size game, but a dog gets hit with a .357 and lives???

  6. No joke! Super puppy! It was a Doberman. The guy says he called animal control twice and the police once for the dog threatening him. Not condoning it but if a Doberman came running towards me three days in a row the owners would be owing me three pair of new boxers.
  7. Just looked at the pic look's like a doberman pinscher.
  8. Graves

    Graves Diesel Junky

    Obviously a 1 in a million shot and exited before expansion if it wasn't FMJ (which I would imagine would destroy even a larger pup sized bugger). Either way I'm amazed to hear he'll make it. That guy has some issues for sure.
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