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Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by pag23, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Well, thanks to all you I am going to get another AR soon :cool:.

    I most likely will be going with a BCM M4 16inch Upper.

    Then possibly ordering a BCM, Spikes or PSA Lower. Some of the other manufacturers are out of my budget (LaRue, Noveske, LMT, etc) and this will be an occasional shooter, but I prefer something with reliability and quality in mind.

    I will plan on keeping it simple, except some Magpul items.

    Advice on my choices is appreciated.

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  2. bullittmcqueen

    bullittmcqueen Gunfighter

    You won't be disappointed with that upper. I love mine. Reliable, strong, and accurate.

    Now is a good time to get a PSA lower, they are $49 right now plus shipping and transfer.

  3. White Buffalo

    White Buffalo No Compromise.

    BCM is one hell of a product and Paul is one hell of a guy.
  4. You will be very happy with that upper, but out of curiosity, why not the 16" mid-length?
  5. Good job on the upper, BCM will treat you well. I'll second the middy recommendation. There's no real reason not to get one in a 16" other than tradition.

    The lower isn't as big of a deal on brand. Just about any of them will work, any you have listed will be perfectly fine. Spikes, PSA, Aero, among others. I'd jump on the PSA lower and get an MOE build kit to finish it off. For less than $200 you have a complete lower with the MOE trimmings. While your there I'd add a PSA BCG that they have on sale for $99.99. Add the BCM upper and some MOE handguards and you have a complete top notch rifle for ~$750.

  6. I can use my Railed Handguard from my Bushmaster.. but now you got me thinking. I see more of the midlength than the smaller length being used, but I would be tempted to attach more items on it.

    Opinions on the Midlength? Thanks Capt'n
  7. No downsides really. Greater sight radius and greater number of hold options. Internally arguably smoothly and lighter recoil with less wear and tear on internal parts. If you don't want to be tempted to hand a bunch a stuff get a tube handguard. A 9" Troy TRX EXtreme is only $165 and they are very very light weight.

  8. Hmmm.... Good points taken!
  9. Pretty much this. What i like most about the middy it is gives me the ability to hold the rifle with my support hand further forward, and with my sling attached to the rear of the rail, I still have plenty of hand room. I can't feel a difference in recoil between a middy and car, but I do like the theory of less wear and tear on the internals.
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  10. I have two BCM mid-lengths. Great AR's.
    Both with Bravo lowers. They have the 16 and 14.5 inch uppers in
    mid-length. I can't see going carbine length unless I were going
    with a short SBR length rifle.
    Middies seem to shoot a little softer and less internal stress and wear.
    To each his own, you can't go wrong with a BCM.
  11. Well then I got some great advice, so I will be ordering a Midlength!

    Thank you all!
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