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    Mrs. Hunt, so as to have it on the trial's official record, read the following statement to have it placed into evidence.

    After reading the entire transcript of his deposition for the record, Mrs. Hunt also stated that when HK referred to the pronoun -mine,- he was actually speaking about and referring to a "CCW Raid jacket" (i.e., reference highlighted above and with a stock photo below), which he both owned and was actually wearing at the time preceding and during this specific incident.


    Mrs Hunt then reiterated the composite account of events that was derived from his personal recount, the next morning, to reporters. Mrs. Hunt then requested the presiding judge allow an indeterminate recess in the trial so as to have a private side bar with the defendant's new legal counsel, which his new legal counselor is a time traveling, and or time shifting, and or dimension traveling rabbit, whom wants people to think he hails from Japan.

    Here, in its entirety, is the reiterated recount of events that Mrs. Hunt read for the record with regards to HK's personal recount of events, which he made to reporters the morning after the event in question.


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    Tom Cruise is sane:whistling:

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    :rofl: :rofl: :supergrin: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Psssst: Thanks for playing HK.
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    Oh no you didunt!!! :supergrin:
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    Typical lawyer tactic of kissing the client's bootae. :whistling: :supergrin:
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    This thread solicits historical facts, not historical absurdities!
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    Rumors have finally been confirmed that coffee doesn't grow on trees.

    In a surprising statement from Juan Valdez, Juan admitted that coffee beans are not really beans, instead they are legumes that grow in the ground.

    Elaborate tunnels are constructed to harvest the crop every year. The left-over tunnels are then turned into breezeways for cabanas.

    Juan firmly denied that the so-called coffee trees seen in advertisements are actually money trees. He says instead they are merely drawings from his child hood.
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    Obama was born in Detroit the son of a hard working father who built muscle cars in Detroit and a mother who worked at American Jeweler And Loan:whistling:
  9. Due to extreme budget cuts, Great Britain's MI6 division has announced that James Bond's Aston Martin will be replaced with a Smart Car.

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    Hummingbirds can only eat/forage while they are flying or while their wings are beating. If they actually perch or stop to nosh, they won't be able to take off due to building up too much body weight.
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    Regardless of the type of rattle snake (e.g., diamondback, sidewinder, etc.), the rattlesnake will always stop rattling its tail before it is going to strike. As long as it's rattling, you are safe to take another closeup photo.
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    "It was a terrible case of mistaken identify" proclaimed NeverMore1701, when making a statement to police about the theft of his AR15, 5 pistols, some really sharp butter knives and one claymore. He advised for some reason he still had his K-bar.

    Startled awake by someone banging on his door, NeverMore1701, after tactically peeing on his own person, loaded out with above gear and made his way to living room. He expertly, and of course tactically, sliced the pie around every corner in his home.

    Even though it was a straight shot down the hall to his living room and the front door, NeverMore1701 chose to go around the whole house as it made him feel like a real operator clearing all the other rooms first.

    Upon opening the door, the UPS delivery girl made him sign a electronic tablet device. Unbeknownst to him at the time, as he was signing, the UPS girl was placing stickers on his weapons and boxing them up.

    By the time he realized what had happened, the big brown van was already going down the road. He tried to give chase, but the stealthy location he had chosen for the K-bar prevented him from attaining a speed equal to that of a hover-round wheel chair on low batteries.
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    A man in another state, after having to make an online order for a new bravia due to leaving his previous one at his ex girlfriends place, instead received an AR15, 5 pistols, claymore and some really sharp butter knives.

    The man has no clue as to how UPS made such a mistake.
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    Franklin Roosevelt's greatest quote:

    "the only thing we have to fear is--EVERYTHING!!!! PANIC AND RUN FOR YOU LIFE!!!!"
  15. WW2......contrary to popular belief was not because of genocide. However instead because the bastards threatened to never make Sig firearms.

    I have made this post on my phone. If I spell like a two year old. Blame Android. Not me :)
  16. That might actually explain why young Jesse Jackson Jr is suffering from severe depression.
  17. Yugo is a classic American car that was well built and ahead of its time.
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    And Jeffrey Dahmer worked in the cafeteria...:whistling:
  19. Re: OP. Based on reports... baraq obama was born in Hawaii as a U.S. citizen.
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    After a record breaking 86 grueling hours on the operating table, and after flying in countless surgeons from around the world on supersonic spy planes, an 8 year old Dallas resident has been moved to the local mayo clinic's ICU.

    Little Johnny awoke to hugs from his mother this morning after his 86 hour long ordeal. It started more than four days earlier when Little Johnny was "fixing" his dad's old "Operation" board game.

    Although not clear as to exactly how at this time, Little Johnny managed to swallow the game's buzzer intact. Dr. Ding Ling Cho, a neurosurgeon and native of Sweden, was the first surgeon to successfully make entry into the boy's small intestine area and remove the the game piece without it making that "BUUUZZTTT" sound.

    As the rules state, once the buzzer went off, someone else got a chance at performing a successful operation, which ultimately led to this 86 hour long ordeal.

    Little Johnny is expected to make a full recovery.

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