**Make sure your eyes are on tight**

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by GTstarbai, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. or else a piece of hot brass will land in between your face/eyes and the glasses. :faint:

    Got a bad burn on my face yesterday :crying:from shooting my g23

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  2. Eye and hearing protection can't be stressed enough,it is a Must. SJ 40

  3. Had that happen to me once, it's no joke. That hot brass burned a nice little blister on my eyelid before I could get my glasses off, and that wasn't long, believe me!!
  4. that's why I also wear a hat with a brim.
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    Is it just me, or have others noticed that hot brass from a .22 seems hotter than larger calibers? Seems like it to me.

    I have picked up spent casings that have fallen on the bench (indoor range) from my 9's and my .45 -- .38 too -- that don't seem as hot or uncomfortable to handle as those darn 22's when they bounce back. Those suckers hurt! :wow:
  7. +2, after getting a nice burn from where a round landed on the rim of my glasses I've started wearing a hat!
  8. limp-wrist with spaghetti arms.
  9. TSAX


    A long time ago, I had a bizarre ricochet that bounced off the side of the wall back at me and it hit my eye lid, I was using regular prescription glasses......ouch

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  10. I hate getting pelted by the brass from the guy to the left of me. I always try to get the first lane on the left.
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    So, your first one Eh? :supergrin:

    It's even better when you are in competition and are looking for a great time on a course... You learn to clear em quickly as possible...

    I have had a couple two to four (who counts after the first?) and they definitely hurt!

    Get Ice on em ASAP - tougher to do in the Winter as no one carries Ice Chests in the winter time... :rofl:

    Baseball Cap and a pair of Wiley X's with the "Eye Environment" insert has reduced the chances greatly for me!

    Hope it heals quickly!

  12. And this is why I like stuff happening to other people, so I can learn from it and not have it happen to me. :tongueout:

    I always wear muffs, shooting glasses that rest directly on my eye brows to make little or no gap between the glasses and my eyes, and also a hat with a nice brim. Had brass bounce off the top of my head, but I don't think I'll ever have brass get stuck somewhere. :supergrin:
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    I saw a Korean gentleman drop a hot 50AE case right between his eyes.

    He did the unhappy dance for about two seconds, sweeping everybody with a rental Desert Eagle, before disappearing under a pile of RSOs.
  14. Had that happen to me wearing regular sunglasses. Proper shooting glasses for me now, always.
  15. Wear form-fitting glasses so that there's no gap large enough for a piece of brass to fall into or rest on, and wear a baseball cap.
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    As soon as a brass goes in between your glasses and your face, you
    immediately turn ninja and start doing different karate moves,LOL!
  17. cadillacguns

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    Been there done that OUCH!
  18. More Glock Perfection. What a joke!
  19. Funny you should mention that! I just had that happen last week at the range. First time it has ever happened...

    Edit to add: This happened shooting a P220 so it doesn't just happen with Glocks.
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