Magpul MBUS sights

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by patman, Oct 22, 2009.

  1. patman

    patman Large member

    How are folks liking these?I did a search here on GT and it didn't turn up much.Are they durable?Is the front one elevation adjustable?I could use another set of "flip ups" and I'm wondering if these will do the trick.

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  2. GenoTac Ind.

    GenoTac Ind. |KYDEX GEAR>

    Waiting on mine to get here. Will be posting a full review video on the internet tube. Do a search after Monday.

    Yes the front has elevation adjustment.

  3. Addax Tactical

    Addax Tactical GT Sponsor

    I like the Magpul Mbus sights.

    I have banged them around a bit, and they work fine for what they are, a back up sight.

    They work fine for a back up sight even though they are plastic.

    They are light, and much lower in cost vs. most other BUIS.

    They are not to be installed onto railed gas blocks, since they can warp or melt, but mounting it on a rail is perfectly fine.

    Here are some pics of one of my ATAC Gas Piston Uppers with the MBUS sights mounted. (Note the 3rd pic, you can see the two part rear aperture, the front one folds down).



  4. patman

    patman Large member

    So you recommend them?I really only need a rear right now,but I've found it to be cheaper in the long run to just buy the pair.About $65.00 shipped for the rear,$75.00 shipped for the pair.And it wouldn't hurt to have spares around.
  5. Addax Tactical

    Addax Tactical GT Sponsor


    I know some folks do not like them since they are made of plastic, but for a general back up sight, they work.

    I own many different sets of sights, but these are the one's I take out with me the most since I know I am going to bang them up, and they will work fine.

    I have not broken one yet..

    We carry these sights, and we offer a Glock Talk Forum Member discount.:cool:

  6. I have the rear sight on one of my rifles. It seems to be good quality, but I only use it as back up.
  7. +1 Great for back up sights. :)
  8. I ordered a MBUS to slap on my new Tac Sol AR-22. All my other BUIS's are Troy's, can't wait to see how it compares. If the quality is good, the price is definitely right.
  9. Getting real close to start bad mouthing Magpul.

    Ordered a rear sight from Bravo Co---it arrived without a mounting screw and nut---e-mailed them and they said to contact Magpul--which I did.

    Called them again a couple days ago after over a week of waiting----now its getting close to 2 weeks---and WHERE'S MY F-ING SCREW?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Feeling rather ripped off at the moment---spent $63 total for something that's worthless without the mounting hardware.
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  10. DD26

    DD26 Anti-Anti

    That's definitely not the norm for Magpul CS.:dunno:

    If you have an Arfcom account, they have their own Industry sub-forum you could post in. Calling would be the best bet, but since you said you already called....trying another avenue of contact couldn't hurt.
  11. The screw showed up today--just shy of 2 weeks from when I called them---and nearly a month since I first ordered it from BCM.

    I guess patience is a virtue.
  12. joeG26er

    Millennium Member


    good to hear you finally got screw(ed) by them when you may have thought they screwed you since your sight was missing a screw at first
  13. joeG26er

    Millennium Member

    Minor thread jack:
    What gloves are those. Do you like them and if yes, where to get them. Thanks
  14. NeverMore1701

    NeverMore1701 Fear no Evil
    Platinum Member

    I had some that were very similar to those, but different colors. I want to say I got them at Academy several years ago. They held up decently. Mix of leather and synthetic with plastic over the knuckles.
  15. I really like them, especially when my EOTech konked out one day and I had to actually use them. Worth every penny now.
  16. crazypilot

    crazypilot ERAU Alumni '05

    That's why I keep iron sights on mine. Perfect example since I get a lot of guys telling me that you don't need them :upeyes:

    I have a Troy flip up sight on mine. The Magpul sights are fine for the price. They will do the job.
  17. patman

    patman Large member

    I'm looking at a several different options and it sounds like the Magpuls are a good one.I still like metal over plastic,but then I was the same about Glocks way back when.
  18. Now that I have mine mounted---its a decent sight for a back-up---it seems like its Glock strong---so possibly could be a main sight---time will tell I guess.

    Now that there's a low cost BUIS option, maybe all the others will start bringing their outrageous prices down.
  19. deMontacute

    deMontacute NRA Member

    I've ordered some to go on my XCR. Hopefully they should be here next week (along with the XCR :banana:) From what I understand they work well with the XCR...

    ETA: Have them now. Work well on my XCR. Haven't tried them on an AR however...
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  20. I'm generally pleased, but had some difficulty zeroing the ones I worked with. The adjustments were a bit spongy, not the positive clicks I hoped for.

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