Magpul 870 Flat Dark Earth Furniture Review

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by plouffedaddy, Sep 29, 2012.

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    Since this is the "tactical shotgun" forum, I figure these Magpul accessories will feel right at home :supergrin:

    I've always thought the Magpul 870 stocks were ugly (the forends look good IMO...) but the flat dark earth version is a little more aesthetically pleasing than the rest; at least to me. Here's a run down of the pros and cons for the stock and forend:



    -12.5''-14.5'' adjustable LOP
    -Very easy to install
    -I find the grip angle very ergonomic
    -The fit with the receiver is great
    -The grip area allows for better retention in the event of a gun grab attempt
    -Adjustable cheek risers for use with optics availible
    -A couple different options to attach slings
    -Standard 870 recoil pads can be used with the stock (requires an additional Magpul adaptor)


    -Cost (anywhere from $85-100)
    -It's ugly looking
    -Only available for Remington 870s at the moment; Magpul says the Mossberg versions are in the works



    -Cost (between $25-35 most places)
    -Ease of installation
    -Modularity (slots accept standard Magpul rails and accessories)
    -Very solid fit; no wobble like some forends
    -The built in handstop really helps you get a positive grip to run the gun hard even with sweaty hands
    -Looks good


    -Creates wear marks on the barrel/mag tube (doesn't bother me but it may bother some)

    Here's a video of me shooting my 870P with the SGA furniture and discussing some of the pros and cons of the setup:

    [ame=""]Magpul 870 SGA FDE Stock & Forend Review (HD) - YouTube[/ame]


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  3. Flash light is above the weapon and blocking your view of threats. Not good.

    Dose the rail on there eat any meat on the hand? Sure looks like it would.

    The forend does not touch the magazine tube on any 870. The forend tube assembly has eight detents that ride the tube and those are causing the striation marks on the mag tube not the forend. So that is not the fault of this forend.

    About any forend can rub the barrel if not centered perfectly. Even the SF LE has sharp edges that I remove material from on each install so they will not rub under rapid fire which is when most of us torque a forend to one side of the other. So this is not the fault of that forend. Those marks are on every 870 that gets any kind of round count under rapid fire. But here I defend the Sport shooters as I watch those guys racking back weapon almost perfectly to the rear, which is why they are so fast. Us Tactical Shooters really torque the hell out of our forends and the actions bars show this after a time. The forend looks fine except for the rail.

    Adjustable LOP big Plus.

    So the only negatives I see is it that yes, it is ugly and that rail is way wrong and looks like it would do some damage if you are not very very careful and the light above the weapon can block a threat and you get hurt. But I'm an unsightly man and I tell the gals go for function over looks and pic me. Not to say this stock is the one to pic as I see nothing on it that tops the SF IV-S for me. I am sure it will others and has as it selling well and would serve them well if they take that rail off.

    Good review of a newer product but the product leaves something to be desired with the design. Would like to see a review from you like this about the Mesa Urbino as this one was very consise.

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  4. F_G


    Great review as always.

    My thoughts are if someone can get past the "looks" of the Magpul it is superior to the SF and Mesa tactical stocks. First you don't have a pistol grip protruding out that can hang up and snag on vehicle interiors and gear. Second, with an adjustable LOP the Magpul is infinitely adjustable, plus, don't forget about the cheek risers. I thought a $100 price tag was very reasonable considering the high quality product you got. I replaced a SpeedFeed stock on my 870 and the magpul fit and finish was far superior.

    Now, if I can just get my hands on the fore end.
  5. Thanks gents.

    I had it mounted at the rail level originally but I found that I would accidently hit the tail switch occasionally with my thumb so I slapped an offset on there. I shoot with both eyes open so, to me, it looks like I'm looking through the light as opposed to having a blind spot. One thing I found with having it mounted higher like that is it illuminates the front sight slightly with some of the ambient light (the main beam is still to the left). I see your point but IMO all light positions have pros and cons; I'm a fan of picking one and training with it to learn its' limitations.:dunno:

    Not at all. The Magpul rails aren't as sharp as some out there (Midwest Industries, Troy, ect...)

    100% agree. I was just pointing it out as a lot of people get worked up about it.

    Brownells has them in stock I believe.
  6. That looks very nice.
  7. F_G


    Yeah, I'm sure they do, I try and support my local guy, usually he's really good and meets or beats any internet pricing, but he has claimed he's had it on order for 3 weeks now and I still don't have it. Not that it's a do or die deal or anything.

    One question, do you like the slight illumination of the front sight with the position of your light?
  8. The stock feels kinda funny to me. My LGS carries them, and we put one on my 870 to feel it with the forend (since I already had it on)... I thought everything seemed blocky, but it's probably just fine if you get used to it, though. But to be honest, I don't see this being any better than the Mesa Urbino or the Hogue/Speedfeed/Remington traditional stocks, as long as you know what fits you and you buy that LOP.

    The forend is the best thing that's happened to the 870 in years. It's full, and fills the hand, rail options, hand stops, and fits nicely. I could not be any happier with the forend.

    ETA - do these match other Magpul FDE products? The pic makes it look a little different. Lighter, almost.
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  9. UGLY? I actually think they look good. lol. I am probably the only guy who thinks the Blackhawk recoil reducing buttstock looks like crap. Not to mention the Blackhawk hit my face in a way that made shooting it a horrible experience.

    I look forward to picking up the Magpul furniture.

    Archangel Development is coming out with some interesting shotgun furniture also.
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  10. I do. Aippi's point is valid but as I said, all light positions have some negative features. For instance, when I had it on the rail it was further to the left of the bore making it more likely that I would illuminate myself coming around a corner. Put it on the bottom ala the Surefire forend and you may have to get more of your mag tube/barrel out front of cover/concealment, put it on the right side and there's a new world of issues for a right handed shooter. They're all compromises and have pros and cons.... :dunno:

    But, the front sight really lights up the way it is now which is something I honestly didn't plan but was a pleasant surprise when I started doing some lowlight shooting.
  11. Great review. Glad I stopped to read it.

    I was just about sold on the Magpul for a 500 when it comes out but if Archangel is coming out with shotgun furniture I may as well wait and see what they develop. I like their 10/22 stuff.
  12. F_G


    Thanks for the feedback. I'm one of those wrong handed shooters so mine would go on the right, but I really like the idea of the slight illumination of the front sight. I had a Surefire and that thing was more of a hinderance than a help. There was the whole exposure thing you mentioned, sling interference, in the way when using a support, .........etc.

    One more question, which offset mount is that you're using?
  13. On the one in the review here I'm using the KZ offset mount ($15-20 online and it's solid). I also have the VTAC polymer mount on my Marine Magnum 870 with the black forend...
  14. I think it looks fugly!
  15. I just bought the FDE forend today and held it up to my FDE mags and FDE Colt furniture. It looks identical. It might look lighter in Plouffedaddy's pics because of the lighting.
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  16. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    I was curious if the pistol grip positioning on the stock gets your hand out of the way enough to keep you from punching yourself in the face. That was the problem that I was having with the Hogue stock. I like the idea of the adjustable LOP and I can't wait for them to get this going for Mossberg. I have been looking for the right stock for my 590 for some time now and this thing has shown me the most promise to this point. Not sure that I am sold on the fore end yet.
  17. I shoot it in the video using Speer 00 buck if you want to see how it works out...
  18. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    Watched the video, it was just a little close, hard to tell what is happening, your thumb is pretty close to your face. You didn't complain about it being a problem so I guess it is okay.
  19. Got cha. You're correct; it's never been an issue. I can't say that about the Knoxx recoil stock--I felt like I was in the octagon with that thing! :wow:

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