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Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by SMOKEin, Dec 5, 2011.

  1. Anyone running a magnifier with just iron sights? The AR in question is for bench shooting, some hunting and maybe bedside. I'm thinking middle of the road sized night sight for the front post with magnifier that can easily be offset when indoors.


    16" flattop Dissy, perm front sight with rear Magpul BUIS.

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    You know I have never seen that setup. Can still see the front post? Would the post be too big to center in the rear sight? I don't know cause I have never ran that setup. I guess it could work if you can still see the front post. But I think it would be better to run some sort of red dot infront of the magnifier.

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  3. faawrenchbndr

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    Seems lack of sights would be an issue
  4. mvician

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    the front sight becomes a BLUR under magification
  5. What he said! It just is not possible to do because of the focus issues. You'd be able to get focus on the post or the target not both. You would also probably be very inconsistant and have some sort of parallax issues. Even if it was possible what benifit is there to using irons with a manifier instead of some sort of optic?
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  6. I didn't think the front sight would blur. How do people run cowitness setups if that's the case? I want aware that this was done without magnification only.
  7. You have to use a non-magnified optic like Aimpoint or Eotech.
  8. Well crap... Back to the drawing board!!

    My concern is that I can't flip down the front sight and with my vision not getting better (damn I'm getting old) having a red dot and front sight in the picture may distort clarity on the target.
  9. Remove the fsp, go flip up then ?
  10. It may be a small distraction at first but you will quickly get used to seeing the front sight in the bottom of your optic. The advantage is that if your optic goes down, you can immediately use your optic as a large ghost ring in conjunction with your front sight, until you can flip up your rear buis. Flip up front and rear sights are another way to go.
  11. We used the magnifier more in its "flipped to side" position more than actually magnifying the primary optic. Worked wonders for ID'ing bg's and general observation. We did not like acog's as they offer no benefit to sub 50m engagements. They work quite well behind the primary, and should not be overlooked.
    As states previously, there is zero benefit to running one before (not enough eye relief) or behind (blurs) a buis set.

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