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Discussion in 'Gun-Parts & Access.' started by Steve83, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. Steve83

    Steve83 Bronco guru

    I'm considering putting a few magnet holders around to stash my gun, but I don't want to get into the ethics of it. What I'm interested in knowing is if there's any actual damage to the gun strictly as a result of being magnetized. Not if the surface of a particular magnet marred the finish, but if the magnetic field itself does any real damage, or causes any real problems. After reading & searching, the only comment I found about them was this:
    I'm thinking about putting one there, one in my car, one in my truck, and maybe one under my desk.

    Any magnet-related reason NOT to?

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  3. Only if you worry about the finish of your gun. I've seen some magnets coated in rubber, they may be OK. I'd be worried about in the car or truck though. In the case of an accident the impact may dislodge them. I much prefer my holster screwed on the seat frame between my legs.

  4. mj9mm

    ethics? what ethics? we got no stinking ethics. and keep the steel case ammo away from the magnets [​IMG]
  5. janice6

    Platinum Member

    The magnetic field wont hurt the gun or cause any risk. Scratches are all you have to worry about.
  6. Might pull in fireing pin safety
    Might pull fireing mechanically out of drop safety notch
  7. Having said the above buy some Velcro and use the cloth part to cover the magnet
    No scratches when gun pulled off of it
  8. Having said the above buy some Velcro and use the cloth part to cover the magnet
    No scratches when gun pulled off of it
  9. mj9mm

    what kind of gun are you planning to secure?
  10. Steve83

    Steve83 Bronco guru

    No, I'm not worried about any of those issues.
    DAMN! Now I gotta find something else to reload! :crying:

    :supergrin:(Do steel cartridges even exist?) :upeyes:
    Nope - no worry.
    Let's stick to reality. ;)
    None. :wavey: I'm just planning to HANG my G21 from it for short periods.
  11. I bought one at a gun show (over paid $5 bucks, cheaper on Amazon!!). Plastic coated rectangular shaped magnet. Very, very strong. Been using it on a number of handguns. Happy with it. No visible impact on the finish. I'm going to buy a few more. The concept works well.

    [ame=""] Gun Magnet By Fast Draw Gun Magnet: Sports & Outdoors@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]
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  12. Steve83

    Steve83 Bronco guru

    I'm not looking for them - I'm building them. I just wanted to make sure the magnetic field had no effect on the gun.
  13. Steve83

    Steve83 Bronco guru

    This idea turned out to be impractical in the Bronco - I'm using the ClipDraw instead.

    [​IMG] . [​IMG]

    The integrated vault turned out GREAT, though.

    [​IMG] . [​IMG]
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