Magazine Question for GSSF (Dawson Extensions)

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by Blue Jacket, May 16, 2013.

  1. I have some Glock magazines that I use for 3 gun that have Dawson Precision extended base pads on them.

    Can I use these at a GSSF match, I don't see where it would provided any competitive advantage since you only load 10 anyway, but I wanted to check before I tried to use them.


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  3. njl


    In unlimited. Otherwise it's up to the discretion of the RO. They add weight, though I assume not much. That's a possible advantage they'd give.

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  4. Glockrunner

    Glockrunner HOOYA DEEPSEA

    As has been stated here time and again, Stock is stock with the only exceptions provided for when dealing with Pierce extensions.

    So the answer is no, they are not allowed.
  5. The Glock + (OEM) magazine extensions are good I take??

    The G26/27 mags are often sold with the + extension.
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  6. njl


    Magazine extensions made by Glock or Pearce are permitted as "stock".
  7. Cool, I'll just have to reload mags a few more times.
  8. I'm using my Taylor Freelance 140mm extensions in UL. No real advantage besides I don't have to take them on and off all the time. It was my understanding that the +2 Glock and Pearce extensions were only legal in Subcompact and Major Sub. Are they actually legal in all divisions?

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  9. DannyR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    Blue Jacket,

    You will not have to reload your magazines any more times. You may only load 11 rounds in a magazine, regardless of capacity. If you use a G17 magazine with a factory #7151 base, you may still only load 11 rounds. Rules is rules!
  10. njl


    I suspect he meant he'd have to reload them because he only has so many mags that are stock. i.e. not enough of them to shoot the whole match.

    As an RO, if someone showed up at my stage with insufficient stock mags to shoot the stage without stopping to reload mags, but also had some mags with 3rd party extensions, I'd seriously consider letting them slide if there were others waiting to shoot the stage.
  11. Danny, njl is correct. I wasn't looking to load past 10, though I scrounged around and found eight so it was good.

    The Dayton match ran much better this year. I only waited about 20 minutes on 2 stages. The first one I just walked on.

    I didn't shoot too bad.
  12. DannyR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    Sorry I misunderstood your reloading statement, Proves I'm still human and make mistakes.:upeyes:
  13. Say it ain't so!! :shocked: :crying:
  14. Remember that you can (and should) begin each string with 11 rounds in the gun. How you get to that start-quantity depends on you.

    In 5 to Glock you can only shoot 10 rounds per string so may want to begin with 10 in that CoF.
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  15. Wrong answer sweet cakes! You should always keep the weapon charged with 11 just incase of a bad round. Yes, you will normally get one reshoot. After that rule is take it to the armorer to fix after that well you no the rules.

    The Glock-M your able to keep shooting at the steel till you hit or your out of ammo.:supergrin::whistling:
  16. Ahhh... but it wasn't an answer; it was an alternative. I load all my first mags within a stage to 11 and never shoot to slide-lock. Ergo, I start every string with 11 for that reason and so that the starting weight/balance of every string in a match is the same and because I need not keep my preloaded '5' mags separate from my 'M' mags. However, as you've also mentioned, reshoots are available and have become so easily available that the 'bad round' scenario need never play out.

    Yep, 'M' is my favorite stage to RO because shooters are always so confused there.
  17. njl


    You really want to confuse them? Forget to tell the shooter that the steel is set not to fall.

  18. Hilarious!!! LOL :)

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  19. But if steel is NOT to fall, the stage should be set with one popper. If set to fall, it should be set with three poppers.

    You may remember Clearwater 2012 however, that was set with three poppers - not to fall. GSSF, not being micro-managers, didn't have the venue change it. That meant that each 'M' RO had to remind each shooter of that.

    Another way to confuse shooters... start the day normally, and then go to 'wind rules' later in the day - where one popper should be locked up.
  20. njl


    Yeah...and I remember pausing briefly after hitting the steel thinking "I know I hit that, I should move on, but it didn't fall, I should shoot it again" before moving on and finishing the string.
  21. What about when steel falls then jumps back up? Had that happen on the plates today. I'll post a video later, it was the weirdest thing I've had happen to me yet. :dunno:

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