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Magazine disconnect for IDPA

Discussion in 'The Browning Hi Power Club' started by Veedubklown, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. I see all over the internet for the removal of a mag disconnect for the BHP, but I wonder if it's legal for IDPA. I bought mine with it removed, and am convinced a good trigger can be had with it still installed, so I ordered the disconnect and assorted parts from browning. I also ordered some other parts, but the disconnect was on backorder. I know I can shoot club matches with this gun in it's configuration, but would it be legal for an IDPA sanctioned match?

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  2. Maybe I should post this in the competition forum?

  3. PEC-Memphis

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    Under the old rules, it was generally accepted that the magazine disconnect was a safety device and couldn't be disabled.

    Some information about the new rules is out at the IDPA forum, although the Tiger Teams are not finished with the new rule book.

    One of the "issues" already addressed and published is that magazine disconnects (or their removal) falls under "internal/trigger enhancements" for reliability; and therefore will be allowable.

    This will make UASC easier for both the shooter and the SO.

    If I were going to a sanctioned match and using this gun, I'd go to the IDPA forum website and print out the thread regarding this issue - just in case the MD is not familiar with the current ruling.

    Go To: IDPA Forum > Rules Clarifications 2012 > Locks, Disconnectors & Safeties
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