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Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by deathrunner60, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Is there any truth to what I hear about new laws concerning the reduction of mag capacity to seven rounds or less??

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  3. New York state has adopted that law.
  4. Yes it's true. Went into effect a couple weeks ago here
  5. The WORST part, I'm a Police Officer and have to enforce this garbage. We as a State are thoroughly disgusted.
  6. Not in my house! :steamed:
  7. I feel sorry for you guys, I really do. Isn't there some way y'all can start cleaning house up there and get sensible laws back in effect?
  8. Proguide I was told even you guys have to follow this law. Is this true? What about when your on duty can you have more then 7 rounds per mag?
  9. They never made an exception for law enforcement in the bill. Cuomo says they plan on doing it but they literally forgot about it lol.
  10. And if I were a cop in NY there is no way I would be enforcing this if it meant me criminalizing otherwise law abiding citizens.
  11. I'm from NY. I wonder if the criminals will follow the new's a bunch of bs.

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  12. I'm embarrassed to be from NY.

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  13. I'm in Calif. and as of this moment the mag capacity for my glock is 10 rds. Should they decide to adopt this 7 rd law here in my state will I be able to use the 10 rd mags I already own? My intention at this time is to purchase more 10 rd mags before they are outlawed but if I wont be able to legally use them it would be a waste of money! We already have way too many confusing and restricting handgun laws in this state. It's hard to keep up with them.
  14. In ny people have a year to sell their mags. I'm sure ca would be similar. So yes you'll have a chance to legally sell them at first.

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  15. Double post
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  16. No we are exempt on and off duty but its still not right. It Infringes on our Rights as the people.
  17. Trust me. We ALL feel the same
  18. You've got LEO all over the country that support ya'll. :cool:
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    ... and there you have it Glocktalk. The reality of turning off the cheesburger has come home to roost in NYS.

    Get ready, coming to a state near you soon.
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  20. Thanks brother. Its a sad situation. They'll realize what kind of Mutiny they have when they figure out NOBODY is willing to take guns away from the people.

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