Mag Pouch/Carrier Suggestions

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by TattooedGlock, Oct 7, 2012.

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    Hard having those guys in town, every time I stop by for something small more stuff from the warehouse follows me home haha

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  2. There are enough mounting options for RTI holsters that I wouldn't sweat it. I'm using a direct MOLLE mount on my belt.

  3. It's just narrowing it down to what I need as apposed to what I want. If I had the money Id order one of everything and be done w/ it.

    I need/want a RTI for the work belt, molle belt, bed frame, chest rig, and one holster. But then again I already have all of this covered. With adapters and holster I'm well over $100. That's a half case of Tula or a class.

    Then we have the boss who doesn't like to find stuff on the check card she didn't know of prior. lol.
  4. Check out the Safariland Quick Attachment Systems - QLS, MLS, and ELS.
  5. Cool thanks
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  6. FYI, Safariland and Blackhawk Serpa holsters can be used with the RTI system, as well. Just have to buy an adapter from G-Code.
  7. Thanks again.

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