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Mac Mail: a discovery

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by The Pontificator, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. The Pontificator

    The Pontificator Angry Samoan

    Sep 18, 2000
    I've owned my Mac Mini for about two months.

    Last night I started getting a flurry of auto-generated emails from my ISP first saying my mailbox was near full, then messages saying that incoming mails were being bounced because my mail box was full.


    I contacted my ISP and they had me log into my WebMail account and sure enough, the mail server was full of emails...every email sent and received...since switching over from Windoze to Mac.

    The tech had me go into the preferences/accounts/advanced tabs in Mac Mail and sure enough, there's a little check box that enables "Save copy in server". After disabling that feature I then went back into WebMail and cleared out all the old stuff.

    Peace has returned.

    I can see the usefulness of such a feature, though. If you ever accidentally deleted an email in Mac Mail you can go back to the server and retrieve it. Then again, you have to go to your ISP's mail server (WebMail) and periodically clean it out.

    You learn something new every day.
  2. btw that little checkbox is on alot of mail clients, and not just macmail.

    Personally I use thundermail mailclient over macmail and it's easy to roll macmail into thundermail.

  3. Deanster

    Deanster Cheese? Millennium Member CLM

    Feb 24, 1999
    Yep, it's a near-universal option for POP clients.

    Personally, I think any sane person should be using IMAP instead of POP these days... Doubly so if you access your mail from more than one computer or device.
  4. Tinamil


    Jan 3, 2007
    Fort Hood
    Yep, if you ever use more than one computer regularly, you definitely want to look into IMAP instead of POP3. IMAP basically keeps a synchronized copy on the server, so if you open it up from your desktop and then later check your mail from your laptop, it will already show up as having been read.

    And if you aren't saving a copy on the server with POP3 anymore, then when you open it on your desktop, you won't be able to access that same e-mail from your laptop.

    Or just use gmail to do all your e-mail. I even set up all my other e-mail accounts to automatically forward to gmail (and set up gmail to automatically access some accounts through POP3 that didn't have automatic forwarding built in to that account) so that I can access my e-mail anywhere from any computer that has an internet connection.
  5. The Pontificator

    The Pontificator Angry Samoan

    Sep 18, 2000
    I'm going to look into this.