M855 Gel Performance.

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by usmcmidn, Nov 5, 2012.

  1. Does anyone have or anyone can find me the gel performances of the M855?

    Bare Gel, Heavy Denim, Sheet Metal, Plywood, Glass, and Wall Board?

    I am curious to see how the US Military's round goes up against the FBI testing.

    I tried Googling it and found nothing.

    Or at least the gel performance in bare gel? I am looking for max cavity, depth to max cavity, max penetration and the neck length of the M855.

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  2. I have seen those but how about real ones?
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  4. Check out brassfetcher.com. Im suprised it hasnt been mentioned yet. They have all kinds of tests, including M855 on there.
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    filled with gel? I know that humans do not.

  6. By the way my during my last visit to Afghanistan, some were being issued M855A1, while most of the larger units (and especially the support guys) were issued green tip. Im not sure how common it is there now. This was earlier this year.
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    Only the best for our troops! :cool:
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    If you give them enough blunt force trauma they do.
  9. I did a test in water jugs, and IIRC I posted the results here. I only recovered the copper base and steel tip, but no jacket fragments. I was hoping to becuase I wanted to compare the thickness to current M855 jackets.
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    Wow, no jacket fragments. That is a total bullet disintegration!

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