LWD 9mm extractor - YES or NO

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by TheWayfarer, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. So I ordered a LWD 9mm extractor, before discovering the accidental switch by LWD with .40 extractors being sent out instead. Are these as useless as most people seem to say? Is anyone having better extraction with the LWD 9mm extractor over the stock dipped MIM?

    Or is this thing just going back in the mail....

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  2. For what problem are you searching for a solution?

  3. Paul53

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    Lone Wolf extractor made my BTF much worse (Gen 4 19). YMMV.
  4. I had better luck with a Glock non-dipped extractor from Clockparts.com.
  5. I sent the LWD back.

    I have a #2 MIM extractor and getting occasional BTF. It's pretty minimal, but I may try ordering a non-lci and non-lci slb to see if that erases the issue completely. Did you go with the 9mm or .40 extractor?
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  6. I put a non-dipped,non-LCI extractor in my G19 and have had no BTF since.

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