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  1. I use One shot at the moment. Is there a way i can lube 300-500 .223 or so cases at once? Putting 50 in a loading tray spraying them and then sizing is getting old.

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  2. I dump them in a plastic french fry basket and use a pump sprayer to lube,give them a few good shakes to distribute evenly.

    I use to use HOS and Dillon's spray lube,until the costs started adding up. I went to a homemade copy of Dillon's spray lube, Anhydrous Lanolin and 90% rubbing alcohol.

    I have been using the homemade version for the past four years with satisfaction and for much less that purchasing it over the counter. SJ 40

  3. Yes. I use a one gallon zip-lok bag. Fill it half way with 223 brass. Shake the can very well and give it around a 2 second blast. Close the bag and mix them around. Open the bag and give another 1 second blast and close and mix again. Pour them out and let them dry for a couple of minutes and then go for it.
  4. This is what I do with the frankford arsenal spray from midway.

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  5. +1 on the Lanolin and the isoprophyl alcohol . Same stuff they sell , works great and you can make it cheap ! Been using it for over 30 years .
  6. No stuck cases. The trick is to make sure the can has been shaken very well. Be generous with it when spraying. Make sure they dry because if they aren't dry they will stick.
  7. Where can i get this lanolin? Whats the mix rate?

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  8. Found some in a health store locally. 4 oz for about 7$. Now i need some 98% alchohal
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    I use Dillon spray. what i do is toss 150 or so in a coffee can and spray once. Shake them around and repeat. then toss them in the brass sorter.
  10. yea I use those Maxwell House Coffe Jugs for ALOT of things reloading related. lol
  11. I have been using 91% from Wally World,2.48 per quart. If nothing else us reloaders are a cheap lot. SJ 40
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    I lay the cases out on a towel, spray them with One Shot, then roll them in the towel by holding two ends of the towel in my right hand and two in the left. I have done several hundred at once this way, but I'm sure with a big-enough towel, you could do many hundred at once.

    Just do it in an open space so the aerosol from the One Shot doesn't put you down.
  13. I put wax paper on cookie sheets. I spread the brass on the wax paper, then I spray with hornaday one shot. I use multiple cookie sheets for larger amounts. the one shot migrates well enough around the brass, and it cures rather quickly.

    for smaller pistol brass, I do not lube, but larger stuff like
    .44 mag, or 10 MM, I spray. you do not have to spray with carbide dies, but it makes it a lot easier and smoother.

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