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LT1 into 3rd Gen Camaro?

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by G20man32904, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. G20man32904

    G20man32904 Deceased

    May 26, 2003
    Melbourne, Fl
    Reaching out to the GT knowledge base once again.

    Looking at installing an LT1 into a 91 Z28 with 305 tpi with SWC T-5
    What do I need to make this happen and be reliable???
    Anybody here do it yet?
  2. Asha'man

    Asha'man eat the eat!

    Jan 13, 2004

    Do an LS1. :supergrin:


  3. G20man32904

    G20man32904 Deceased

    May 26, 2003
    Melbourne, Fl
    Gee thanks, the only reason I was going with a LT-1 was because it's available locally and half the price of LS1's, then I gotta add a T-56 and a rear-end capable of handling it all :freak:
    I had my SWC T-5 apart and looked at 2 years ago when I had it out. Found an honest guy and he wanted $1800 to rebuild it then, I know 2nd and 3rd gear won't handle 400ftlbs anymore.... :upeyes: :sad:
    Know where I can find a cheap LS1?
  4. Asha'man

    Asha'man eat the eat!

    Jan 13, 2004
    $1800 to rebuild a T5? Your honest guy must be on crack. I wouldn't think the Camaro T5 is all that different from the Ford T5, and you can get G-Force built T5's for about a grand that'll handle upwards of 600hp. I think you can buy crate LS1's for $3-4 grand brand new, assuming you couldn't find or build one used.

    I'm just throwing this out - I play with Mustangs - but I'm sure the LS1 swap could be done without too much trouble or expense.

  5. triggerjerk


    Dec 19, 2000
  6. G20man32904

    G20man32904 Deceased

    May 26, 2003
    Melbourne, Fl
  7. loki993


    Mar 3, 2006
    Lower Thumb, Mi
    it basically goes right in. the only problem is that the AC will hit the k frame, you either have to notch it, beat it il with a hammer, go without or try and find vette accessory mounting. the fuel pumps are different, you will need a lt1 or id say just get one of the walbro 340s. the rear end should handle it, its the same as what in the 4 gens. the trans will handle it as long as yo dont get crazy with it or run it on slicks. a t56 would be a good swap and goes in fairly easily also, theres also the tremec tko which is popular and very strong.

    the ford t5 can handle a lot more power than the camaro one can, dont know why. you couldnt get a z28, 350, with a manual transmission with the 3rd gens becasue the trans couldnt handle the torque, they also had the same problem with the vette during that time. ive seen a mustang do a 10.xx on a stock t5.
  8. KYglockers

    KYglockers A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

    Feb 2, 2005

    AMEN to that, Brother!!! TKO would be a direct bolt in, and also VERY STRONG!!!
  9. Ford302Glock21

    Ford302Glock21 Chrome Horsie

    Dec 3, 2004
    Orlando FL
    Mustang T5s are not way stronger than Camaro T5s. They are different and I cant remember how. Ford T5s are weak as hell. Sure they MIGHT not grenade right away but they will start whining as the teeth strip off the cluster gear and input.

    The mustang was lighter and made less power than a good 350 so the T5 was able to work behind that...that is until you start powershifting it.

    I've contemplated what I'd put in my 88 RS if the motor quit. LT1 seems to be a good trade off. 285 horse rating is pretty decent and yet its affordable. I usually see good engine/trans packages from used LS1 cars going for like 4-5 Gs. An LT1 combo could probably be had for 1500 in good shape. If ya want more power you can also buy the LT4 conversion or do a combo of random parts from the kit like heads and cam.

    And yea no honest mechanic rebuilds a T5 for 1800 bucks. What I hear is that if you know what you are doing it takes like an hour or two to rebuild a T5 or 1 day without experience and a manual. I havent seen anyone selling upgraded alloy gears for the chevies though which kind of sucks, but really the T5 camaros arent real common anyways when you need parts. I'm probably going to go with a Gforce in my GT when the time comes. I'd rather save that money for awhile though.
  10. TexasGlock23

    TexasGlock23 Salty Collar

    Dec 31, 2005
    Dallas, TX
    Start looking at a junk yard, or cruise on over to and ask around;) I am a member over there, lots of knowledge
  11. DSMonsta

    DSMonsta Linux Pimp

    Oct 5, 2004
    Northampton County, PA
    Around here T56 trannys from LT1 F bodys go for ~800. My advice is to not even bother with the T5. It wasn't a good tranny in the late eighties and the years have done nothing for it whereas the T56 is a tank.

    From what I understand the actual engine should bolt in. You'll need someone much more skilled in electronics than I for the wiring part.
  12. briantf


    Mar 26, 2002
    It's got to be lighter than an NV5600 or for that matter an NV4500........

    No, this is not about a 3rd gen Camaro, sorry to intrude but I've got no contacts in the car world any more.

    Brian in CA