LS1, LSX Owners?

Discussion in 'Car Forum' started by David_UM, Aug 11, 2014.

  1. Any GM LSX Glock owners out there?
    I personally own a 98 Trans Am with an LQ9. What's everyone driving? :wavey:

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  3. Mayhem like Me

    Mayhem like Me Semper Paratus

    08 Denali , 6.2l with a bit of a tune .

    Fast for a SUV.

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  4. That's a comfy car! Lol
  5. Dukeboy01

    Dukeboy01 Pretty Ladies!

    2002 Camaro SS. I've worked on the intake side of things a little bit, with a SLP intake lid, K&N filter, ported and de- screened MAF, and smooth air bellows. Made it a bit louder and the seat-of-my-pants dynamometer says it feels more powerful.
  6. Smooth Bellow and SLP Lid came with the car when I bought it. It got even louder when I put long tubes and Y pipe. My neighbors hate it! Haha
  7. I've played around with quite a few ls motors. About to start my crate ls1 swap into my 2 door tahoe and that will be my daily driver. They simply are the best bang for your buck and rełiability.
  8. Mayhem like Me

    Mayhem like Me Semper Paratus

    What transmission are you going with.
    I suggest 6L80/90 they should meet up
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  9. I'm using my 4l60e it will mate up just fine with my LS. Once everything is running good I'm going to build the trans. It's a really easy swap, custom harness, dirty dingo motor mounts, electric fans, and I'm using both ecm's. that's really about it minus some little things. It's a 96 4x4 2 door so I won't have to swap fuel pumps
  10. 4l80e is bulletproof. That would be a good combo in the Tahoe!
  11. I have a 1997 SS with a LT1 :embarassed:
  12. BuckyP

    Lifetime Member

    I miss my 2000 SS Camaro convertible. :crying: I needed a bigger vehicle for going to shooting matches. Only pic I have online at the moment. Sorry, it's kind of overshadowed by my friends Lambo. :sigh:

  13. Diablo is nice! I was about to say you're in the wrong thread lol. Silver is not a common color down here for the Fbody.

    LT1's love spray though! I've seen some fast ones at the track.
  14. My truck has a LR4 which is the smallest of the GM Gen III V8's. 4.8. It's a short stroke 5.3. Anyways gets decent MPG for a truck, has plenty of power, top end is as good as the 5.3, just lacks the bottom end. Anyways, 250K miles and have hardly ever done anything to it motor wise.

    At work, I don't work for GM but I work in the Used Car department, and have worked at a lot of indepenents. The only thing I've seen as far as any of the modern GM V8's engine go bad was because the harmonic balancer starts to wobble and of course people procrastinate fixing it and it will eventually wreck the front bearing. This goes on the trucks as well as the cars. Oh, and the tool to fix it is a special M16x20 (I think) thread and a really long bolt. Special tool to remove, and a really special tool to install. Easily $800-1000 to get done, but much cheaper than an engine because L series are NOT cheap. Even one's in junk yards go for a premium. The only other issue I see, that many have and don't even know about, is that they are true to their GM roots and the intake leaks. No coolant and oil to leak out, but a slight vacuum leak, but it will run okay, just messes up your MPG and causes issues with the cats.

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