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"low ride" Kydex IWB, does it exhist?

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by jimw, Feb 11, 2012.

  1. jimw


    Jul 18, 2004
    Southern MI
    I am trying to find a thin Kydex IWB set up like the Infidel but rides lower and allows all of the trigger guard to be at or below the belt line.

    Everything I've found so far rides too high. The CTAC looks like it can be adjusted for a lower ride, but I would really like to stay with a single clip on the holster itself and no additional material.

    The MIC is not for me although that is the position (down low with just the back end of the grip above the belt line) I am trying to achieve.

    The RM low rider looks like it may be close. Anyone have one? Hows the clip work?

    I have no problem with leather, but the few I've tried have been too thick.
  2. failsafe


    Oct 25, 2003
    I can only attest that Rocket Man ( RM holsters) is a stand up guy. Lifetime warranty on his holsters..If you call him, maybe he can "tweak" the holster to your spec's..

  3. Sampo


    Sep 21, 2008
    Check out the Galco Triton, Blade-Tech might have something. I carry a G26 in a Triton...solid setup.
  4. dosei


    Mar 22, 2005
    Upstate SC
    How about the RCS VanGuard 2?!/notes/ra...rd-2s-available-for-pre-order/303369593045412

    Another holster that can give you an exceptionally low ride (but has dual offset belt loops instead of a central clip) is the Black Ops Pro Plus from Rocky at Pure Kustom. Rocky's unique belt loop/snap design allow the grip to be carried closer to the belt-line without concern of anything hitting your hand when you grip it. (The more common belt loop/snaps position the snap above the belt-line and will interfere with your grip when you draw or holster the gun, if the gun grip is too low.)
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2012
  5. Pretty much anything marketed as an appendix (AIWB) holster will be low ride.
  6. If you want a premium kydex holster made to your custom specifications with regard to where it rides, try Alabama holsters.

    I have several and they are great :)
  7. jimw


    Jul 18, 2004
    Southern MI
    Thanks for the info everyone! Off to check out some links and make some phone calls!
  8. Leather too thick? What gun are you trying to conceal?

    A single clip, thin leather holster I use for short carry and only with my G26 is the High Noon Mr. Softy. It is very inexpensive ($27) in part because it's not molded. For me, it's a situational holster, not an EDC.

    Anything larger than a sub and I'd recommend a more traditional twin snap molded IWB. A high quality, low ride and modestly priced custom is NM Holsters #1. Nick Mathews builds a great holster for a modest $75. Highly recommended. You'd have to spend twice as much to get a better custom leather rig.
  9. MoneyMaker


    Feb 16, 2009

    Yep i just put a High Noon Hidden Ally on order this morning,May not be kydex and not one handed reholstering but its secure enough for them days you dont wanna use big shirts ect to carry
  10. jimw


    Jul 18, 2004
    Southern MI
    Should've worded that better. It's the "reinforced" mouth portions on most that I consider too thick on most IWB leather. I could care less about ease of reholstering.

    The Mr Softy looks interesting. Does it leave at enough grip above the belt line to get a finger around it?

    Oh yea, G26 or G23. Both conceal great until I put 'em in a holster! Using a modified Desantis Soft Tuck for now.
  11. The Retired Sarge

    The Retired Sarge "The Sarge"

    Feb 23, 2010
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Give the Comp-tac Infidel a try. If you don't like it they have a no hassle return with in 30 days. Bill
  12. GT2001


    Sep 11, 2002
    Hi jimw,

    After going through a number of different holsters, I find that the following holsters work for me for IWB (more particularly, straight-drop appendix IWB) carry: Fist thin-kydex (#K10, I think) (first picture with a G23), RM Holster Works "Low Rider" ordered in a straight-drop configuration (second picture with a G27), and Galco USA (third picture with the same G27).

    One way I tell how low a holster will sit is to look where the top of a waistband (roughly same the top of a belt) will be when the holster is in place. I take that imaginary line and see where it falls on a gun. Of course, grip length plays a big factor; but generally for Glocks, I find that if that line is forward (towards the muzzle) of the mag-release, the gun-and-holster combination sits too high for my liking.

    As for thickness, the thin-ness of the holster material does not necessarily translate into a thin overall thickness of what needs to be inside a belted waistband. For example, the fourth picture shows the three holsters in order of decreasing overall thickness: Galco USA (about 1-3/8"), Fist (about 1-1/4", note the flare where the J-hook is mounted), and RM (about 1-3/16"). So, even though the Fist holster has an incredibly thin kydex, the flare actually makes the overall thickness slightly greater than the RM holster. I suspect that when the belt is tightened, the thin kydex flexes inward and washes away such a slight difference; but you get the point.

    Another factor I consider is the outside texture of a holster. For example, even though the Galco leather holster is the thickest, it stays in place securely much better without having to tighten the belt (and hence more comfortable). This is because of the leather texture not slipping against the fabric as much as a kydex texture.

    One last factor I consider is the clip/hook/clamp design. For example, the RM holster's clamp sits over a belt, and is rock solid when worn with a good belt. However, the same design can limit where the holster can be placed. Some pants have a very wide belt loop at about 1 o'clock; so an appedix carry can be difficult, even with a belt-loop cut-out. On the other hand, the Galco holster has a very narrow J-hook which makes it easier to position the holster about the wide belt-loop.

    Sorry for the lengthy blabber; but hopefully you'll find some of this info useful in your search for that holster just right for you. What do I carry the most? The G27/Galco combo (last picture). Good luck on your search!

    G23 and Fist (#K10)

    G27 and RM (Rocket Man makes awesome holsters)

    G27 and Galco (Note: For some reason, a G23-sized Galgo USA does not hold the gun as low as the G27 version.)

    Side view: Galco, Fist (yes, that's dust inside), RM

    My most-common carry items
  13. jimw


    Jul 18, 2004
    Southern MI

    Thanks for sharing your experience with IWB's. The photos and comments are appreciated!

    I can't do AIWB and have definately decided on the 3 o'clock'ish position. Same as my OWB carry.

    I REALLY like the looks of the RM but am having a hard time getting past the look of that massive clip.

    I think I'm going to keep my eye out for used and buy one of each and sell off whatever doesn't work.

    Gotta have a hobby right?!