Low pressure 10mm loads to keep cases reloadable

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by toddpipkin, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Finally got the Glock Model 20 I've wanted for a long time.

    Also got 500 rounds new Starline brass. Some Nosler 135's, Hornady 155's and Sierra 165's. I have a Lee mold to cast 145 gr. truncated cones, from back when I used to shoot .40 S&W. Would like to find a load to use the 145's in the new 10mm. Would like a low-pressure load, so my brass won't bulge and can be reused many times. These would be used for famiiarization and practice only.

    I have Blue Dot, Green Dot, Red Dot, Herco, Unique and AA#5 on the shelf. Any suggestions with any of these powders, or should I make a trip to my LGS and HOPE to find some W231 or ????? or ????

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  2. You don't need a low pressure load, just stick to book data. The guys getting into trouble are pushing beyond most book data. Pick a load in the manual w/ the powder you have & stick to just over midrange. Your brass will last at least 15 reloads. Any of the powders you have will make ammo. Lowest pressures come from slower powders, but slower powders burn poorly @ anything not above midrange load levels. SO I would probably go w/ the Unique, AA#5 or Herco. You won't find any printed Herco data though, so unless you have a lot of reloading exp, stick to book loads. Get a Lyman #49, lots of data in there including lead bullet data.

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    It's probably going to be hard to find a load that won't bulge the brass at all, it just happens as the brass expands due to the looser chamber in the Glock. I wouldn't be too concerned with it unless it's very obvious.

    Accurate Arms shows 8.7gr of AA5 as a start charge for 140gr lead giving 1,190 fps. Unique should work too, but I don't have much data for lower end 10's myself. You might want to check the 10mm reloading section.
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    Yeah, as stated, stick to the book and you'll be fine. I've been using Power Pistol with good success. I find it meters much better for me than Blue Dot. You also use less of it for comparable velocities.

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  5. My KKM barrel makes reloading hotter loads easier
  6. This is the first Glock I've owned, though I have shot several.

    This will become my primary off-duty carry handgun, so I will be shooting it a LOT, to become intimately familiar with the grip and trigger. I am concerned about the bulged cases I continually read about.

    Of course, the cases of my defensive/carry loads, I could not care less about. If ever used, reloading them will not be a concern.

    Just want to get in as much practice as possible, and keep cost to a minimum, like anyone else.

    I've been a handloader for nearly 30 years, with no kabooms. I totally understand the reason for not publicly posting experimental "non-book" loads. But, if someone has done any experimentation with HERCO and light cast bullets in the 10mm, I would certainly appreciate the benefit of their experience, so I can confirm my extrapolated possibilities for HERCO. That's the powder I'd like to use, as that's what I have the most of right now, and cop salary and current powder prices are not compatible!
  7. Also want to keep barrel leading minimized. All the Glocks I have shot up to now have leaded badly. I will be casting straight wheelweights mostly. Have some pure, soft lead I can add to the mix to soften it up a little, to get better obturation and barrel seal if necessary. Would like to keep the bullet just sub-sonic, 1000 - 1050 fps or so. May have to go with something faster than HERCO, to make the initial kick-in-the-pants a little sharper, to get the good bullet obturation.

    Bullseye, maybe?
  8. Go too light & you'll likely need a recoil spring change, especially w/ the lighter bullets. With lead bullets, it's alwaus about proper size. Larger is better than smaller (who says size doesn't matter), so 0.4015"-0.402" would be the dia I was looking for. The 10mm being a higher pressure round, even at lower vel, straight clip ww are probably your best bet, it's what I run in my 1006 & Delta @ 1100fps w/ 180gr.
    SInce you have some exp reloading, you can extrapolate Herco data using Lyman #49 & the brun rate tables. DISCLAIMER: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Anytime you go off book, you are on your own. Unique is a bit faster than HErco. So using starting data for Unique & working up should be plenty safe. If you have a chrono, just stop when you get to 1000fps +/-. or when functioning is 100%. You may need to get to 1100fps to get it to run stock. Someone w/ Quickloads could run the load for you, but I am thinking somewhere around 6.5gr & 19K-20K cup for a 150gr LTC. If you note, Herco is a bit faster than AA#5 & Lyman goes 8gr for 1200fps & 21K cup.. So I think Herco fits right in there. It was THE powder for choice w/ lead bullets in high pressure 9mm cast loads back in the day.
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  9. About what I had figured.

    I had planned to start at 6.0 gr. of HERCO for about 1000 fps or a little less. Also thought that this may not be enough for reliable cycling, and had figured on increasing in increments of 0.2 grains until cycling reliably, unless barrel leaded or signs of pressure showed up.

    My mold drops the bullets at .403 from straight wheelweights. If they'll chamber, I think I'll try a few un-sized, hand-lubed, and some sized .402.



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    0.403" is going to be close in a Glock. My mold drops the same size and I have to size them to get 100% chambering. This is with 40SW Glocks.

    I don't know how accurate this is, and I forget where I read it, but when DuPont was broken up, they kept the single base powders and Hercules made double base powders. Herco was supposed to be a double base version of SR4756. There are SR4756 loads out there. I have used some in 40SW. You can use 40SW data in 10mm and you can use data for a heavier bullet for lighter bullets.

    I'll check my old Hercules booklet to see if it has Herco loads for 40SW or 10mm.
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    You are right about Blue Dot not metering well . . . . . .

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