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Low cost place to rent and shoot pistols near Phoenix?

Discussion in 'Grand Canyon Glockers' started by DeadSteam, Apr 23, 2008.

  1. DeadSteam


    Jun 5, 2007
    Well hello everyone! After poking around my new home (chandler) for about a year, I'm still looking for a good place to shoot. I was hoping to get some feedback from those of you who have already done the scouting work that I'm trying to do now. Anyways, Cost is allways a factor. As is location (40-50min drive preferable).

    Recently I have been considering changing out my EDC platform and really want to rent and shoot a wide variety of makes and models. I'd like to do that without breaking the bank. I probably want to rent 12ish pistols with 50-100 rnds for each. Everything from a few types of glock, to a few 1911's, h&k, Sig, Kahr, Walther, Ruger, ETC...

    Can anyone think of a place I might be able to do that at?

    Also I keep hearing locals tell me to "just go out into the desert" anyone around here do that? where, what are the laws like? It just seems like an unnusuall concept to me.


    Dec 31, 2000

  3. bbvk05

    bbvk05 Señor Member

    May 18, 2007
    if you are trying to rend Shooters world is pretty good, but kind of expensive
  4. jenn2112


    Apr 15, 2007
    AZ, for now
    Caswells is an indoor range just off the 60 by Stapley, not far from Chandler.

    They have all sorts of firearms for rental, the only catch is that you have to purchase ammo from them in order to shoot them. If you can, bring a lady with you on a Tuesday or Friday - they not only get free lane time, they also get the gun rentals for free (you still have to pay for the ammo) and you two can share. I believe you can ony rent one at a time, but I am not 100% sure on that.

    Yes, you can "just go into the desert". There are many places to go, one being Tonto National Forest. If you do this though, you have to follow the regulations of shooting in the forest - you must be 1/4 mile off the paved roads, have no one hiking or camping near you and have a backstop (most mountains will do).

    There are other places to drive to with a 4x4 but I am not famillair with them. CU4X4N knows them, I think. Speaking of which, Chad, I want to take you up on your offer for the SGC soon!
  5. Klondike


    Mar 16, 2006
    I shoot at Shooters World on 28th Ave and Indian School Rd.

    They have the "Ladies Night" on Fridays with the free rentals and range time. They just pay for ammo. Just be there early because it gets packed fast.
  6. Silent_Runner

    Silent_Runner Can you hear me

    Apr 10, 2008
    Off the Deep End!
    Scottsdale Gun club is nice. Buy the monthly membership if you are going to shoot there often.
  7. blueiron


    Aug 10, 2004
    Ben Avery is nice, but one cannot rent firearms there. Contact the Arizona Land Department if you want to shoot in the desert. In many places, you will need a State Land permit to venture on to the land. If you do not have one, you can be arrested for trespassing. Also, make certain that you are not within any city's or town's limits - shooting in a incorporated city/town area, outside of an established range, is a felony.
  8. LongArmedDevil


    Apr 16, 2008
    Caswells is pretty good, however most places, if not all require you to purchase their ammo if you are renting their guns. If you were going to shoot that many you might be able to work out some kind of price discount.? I tried to think of a way around it, but I think the rental route is gonna be lots of money spent. :crying: About the only other way would be to borrow the guns you want to shoot from friends,(if any have the ones you want to test) then you can shoot your own ammo. All you'd have to pay would be lane rental.:dunno:

    Anyways good luck.

    Stay safe
  9. snowman3

    snowman3 Millennium Member

    Aug 14, 1999
    I haven't been there in years, but Caswell's had a decent selection back then. Give 'em a call and ask to talk to the sales manager. Maybe they can cut you a deal if you agree to buy the gun there?? Tell 'em what you are trying to do so they know you aren't just out joy riding. Might be wise to swing by the showroom first and check the place out and then ask for the supervisor's business card. Even more bonus points if you do it during off hours when they aren't busy. Can they credit the rental fee toward a gun?

    If you shoot often, the membership used to be a good deal, especially if you wanted to purchase a gun.

    It may cost you a bit of money to rent that many though. Any chance you could narrow it down? Either that or make some friends who are well stocked.

  10. Howdy DeadSteam and et al.,

    Just another place for you to consider shooting is Rio Solado. This is a bit closer to Chandler than Ben Avery. Both are great facilities. If you need more info, have a go at this web page.

    They host just about every shooting sports there is. Many of the platforms that you mentioned are ones that are ones that folks use in United State Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) competitions. So if you have a go at some of the weekly shooting events, I'm pretty sure that you might just find many of the well known gunsmiths and vendors out there. If you talk with most of the vendors in town you just might be able to make arrangements to try them out. As most of the vendors are also competitors too. Also most of the club members are more than helpful if you are willing to ask or provide the ammo.

    Here is another hint, most of the folks that shoot production class can really tell you if a particular launcher is worth the money or to just share their personal experiences about them. Production class pistols are pretty much stock and if the folks are shooting USPSA with it, they will have a pretty high round count through their pistols. Lesser patterns just don't get used at these matches if they can't hold up to the duty cycle.

    So while you might not care to get into that particular version of the shooting sports, you can't discount information from folks that really use their pistols.