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Louisvile Matches

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by G19 Elite, Dec 6, 2009.

  1. I am originally from Louisville and visit occasionally and Im wondering if there is anywhere in Louisville or Southern Indiana that host IDPA or USPSA matches. I shoot down here in Georgia alot but I would like to shoot with my father when I come home and visit. Is there anything out there?
  2. Houngan


    Jun 25, 2006
    Louisville, KY has the matches around here, besides the Thursday GLIPSC match at Bluegrass Indoor (single stage IDPA-ish match) and the 2nd Saturday Knob Creek KPDL match (also IDPA-ish.)

    At SilverCreek,

    1st Sat. IDPA
    2nd Sun. USPSA
    3rd Sun. USPSA
    4th Sun. ICORE
    4th Sat. Steel Challenge

    Although it's up in the air during the winter. I suggest sending an email to get on the notification list for the matches.


  3. Chris
    I run the old weekly matches at Bluegrass Indoor Range Formerly Ray's formerly Sportshooters. Thursday evenings at 6pm and yes someone had to keep it going.
    We call it GLIPSC and boot leg what we want to shoot. It is geared to beginners and use USPSA targets and rules.

    Dean F.
  4. Chris,

    I run the Silvercreek IDPA matches and would love to have you and your father join us, however, just about all of the matches (USPSA included) at Silvercreek have shut down for the winter. IDPA will start back up the first Saturday in March. We will also be hosting an SO Training course in February if you're interested.

    The only semi-close IDPA match that runs throughout the year, I think, is the one in Wilmore, KY, at Bluegrass Sportsmen League. It is possible that Columbia, KY, might run throughout winter, but I'm not sure. You can go on the IDPA website,, to get their contact info. Tom Wimmer will be able to tell you if he runs throughout the winter or not.

    GLIPSC, however, on Thursday nights at Bluegrass Indoor is lots of fun and a lot easier to get to and runs throughout the year. Dean, Greg and I try to run a fun and challenging match each week. All of the shooters are great fun to be around. As Dean said, we have everything from beginner shooters to master level shooters. It's only $10 to shoot. You can shoot once for score, then after everyone has shot for score, you can reshoot as many times as you would like or until you wear out the SO or they kick us out. There is no membership dues either. For the most part we are USPSA style COFs, however, I do get to throw in an IDPA course every now and then just to keep everyone on their feet.

    Hope you and your dad can join us soon.

    Leigh Ann
  5. I am not familiar with silver creek, where is that located?
  6. Silvercreek is located in Sellersburg, Indiana, just across the river from Louisville.

    Best outdoor range in the area, if you ask me.
  7. kyjack45


    Jan 16, 2005
  8. kyjack45


    Jan 16, 2005
  9. Sorry Leigh Ann, Greg and all the others that help put the Thursday evening matches on I do not put them on by myself and no one person could. I just hate using the imperial "WE" like Jeff cooper used to do.
  10. I will be in town for Christmas but unless there will be anything going on Christmas Eve or the sat and sun after, I doubt I will be shooting then. Ill keep an eye out for events when here for a longer stay.
  11. I just heard that this match has been canceled. MD will be out of town.