Lots of people applying for pistol permits in NYS

Discussion in 'Carry Issues' started by ithaca_deerslayer, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. My wife has been teaching the required safety course to get a NYS permit to carry. Everybody wants a spot in her classes. Going like hot cakes, full up. Booking up the next classes for a couple months. Giving out phone numbers of other instructors' classes, in case they aren't all backed up too.

    Was it the election? Who knows. Lots of people in NYS want a pistol permit :)

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  3. A good sign but the people in the People's Republic of New York need to change their voting habits. As long as you aren't in the PRNYC, you just may have a chance of getting a CCW. There is a reason I won't live, vacation, or spend money in a PR state.
    IE, any "May issue" state. May issue usually means fat chance of ever getting a CCW unless you are rich, a criminal, famous, or part of the political machine. Sounds too much like the People's Republicks across the pond, and the worker's para-dices south of the border. The ones with "death squads", disappearing dissidents, and rooms where the public can't hear your screams. Keep wasting your 'vacation with us' adds folks. I will never venture there.


  4. Recently attended a Utah permit class held on the Vermont side of the lake. Their were seven out of the thirty five in the class from NY state. SJ 40
  5. What's the point of the class? You need a valid reason to get approved. And those are not easy to get.
  6. I'm lucky to live in a county that's easier (by NY standards) to get a carry permit. It's about a 2 month process and about $200 out of pocket. It surprises me to find out just how many people don't even know it's a felony to even possess a pistol in your own home without a permit in this state. The (R) voters are no competition for the big cities here.
  7. I don't have access to official data, but my guess is 99% of the people who take the required safety class get their "NYS permit to carry pistol". That is the most common pistol permit. Without a permit they cannot possess a handgun in NYS.

    What I can't tell you is how many then have administrative restrictions placed on their permit. Those restrictions may say they can't carry unless hunting or target shooting. Or whatever else. They are administrative because the permit itself allows concealed carry with very few exceptions written in law. But if you violate the administrative restrictions, you can have your permit pulled.

    The use of administrative restrictions (the conditions under which a judge says he/she is giving you a permit) vary by county, and vary by judges within counties, and vary by individual applicant.

    All I can say is I'm unrestricted, my wife is unrestricted, and I know a lot of people who are unrestricted. I also know some people who are always heading to hunting, or on their way to target shooting. I also know that restrictions can be removed by persuading the judge to remove them. How to do that depends on the judge.

    None of this pertatains to NYC, which has a whole different set of rules :)
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  8. ithaca_deerslayer
    So what did you use as the excuse to get the permit? Cause you have to justify it to a judge. There was a time where you could only get a permit if you transported large amounts of money or you had to be under extreme threat of death/violence! Basically unless the judge liked you- ie you supported his election -no permit! I always though it was funny the Gumba's all got there permits very easy but normal folks couldn't!:upeyes:

    I didn't need any such excuse here in Idaho to get my permit-BGC pay my fee permit granted $60 done OC'd until it came!:supergrin:
  9. I never even met the judge. I just listed a whole bunch of activities. And my occupation at the time was night crew chief in a grocery store. Came back "unrestricted".
  10. Is a new york state permit issued outside of NYC good in NYC?
  11. NO, nope, nada
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  12. Only in the sense that I can legally drive through NYC to Long Island with a handgun locked unloaded in the trunk.
  13. So sad that so many can't live w/o the strong boot heel of government control on their necks and their faces firmly squashed into the mud of apathy. Thousands flee their manure pit countries and then arrive ready, willing and able to vote this country into the same mess they fled from.


    But then.....
  14. There's no shortage of people here who think the government can take better care of them than themselves. I still can't wrap my head around the Bloomberg types either. A supposed Republican who is anti-gun yet travels around with his own armed security detail. He thinks only NYPD should have guns and we all know how well they shoot. The sad thing is I've left the state a few times for my military service/career and just keep coming back for family. Can't get them to jump ship. :dunno:
  15. fx77


    NY has two types of Carry
    Business-must prove reason to obtain and can carry 24/7
    Target/Hunter-can only cary to and from the range or hunting trip
    These are valid in all NY jurisdictions escept NYCity and Buffalo
  16. Very Well said. SJ 40
  17. to answer jack 76590 New york city Licences are valid in upstate new york. but any upstate licence is invalid down in the comunist new york city.
  18. Mr.deer slayer that one statment about travel with a locked gun in your trunk is not true. you will get arrested if you get cought driving through the city with a locked and unloaded gun. nyc does not adhere to the federal laws. there have been many people that have gotten arrested in the airports through out nyc with there guns properly stored in checked baggage. even though its federal law nyc cops disregard any transporting of firearms by non police types.
  19. This is wrong.
  20. SCmasterblaster

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    This is an outrage!
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  21. Y
    Of course my statement is true :)

    I can't control what a particular cop will arrest for, but there is nothing illegal about traveling through NYC from upstate to Long Island with a properly locked unloaded handgun, and a valid NYS pistol permit to carry.

    NYS law, Section 400, number 6 "Such a license to carry or possess shall be valid within the city of New York in the absence of a permit issued by the police commissioner of that city, provided... being transported by the licensee in a locked container and the trip through the city of New York is continuous and interrupted."
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