lost my permit.. sheriff offices no help

Discussion in 'Carolina Glockers' started by Nyper, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. I moved from Greensboro to Raleigh about 5 1/2 weeks ago. In the process, I lost my wallet. :(

    I was already waiting for the Guilford County (greensboro) sheriff's office to mail me a change of address form, since I didn't have time to actually go to their office.

    I called the lady in Greensboro and inform her how I lost my drivers license, permit, etc and ask what I need to do to get another one?

    She says just mail back the change of address form with a copy of my new drivers license and she will mail me a duplicate. Ok.. no problem. I do that the same day.

    Two weeks pass and I hear nothing.. so I call her. She basically says "oh yeah... I'll put it in the mail today."

    So last week I get it in the mail.. but where's my new duplicate of my lost permit? She didn't send it. She only sent the change of address form.

    So I call Wake County sheriff's office and just ask if I absolutely have to have my permit or if I can get a duplicate from them? Am told I have to get a duplicate from Guilford County. So I call Guilford County back and tell her that.. she says "no.. you can get it from Wake. I'll send over your paperwork."

    So I AGAIN call Wake County and am finally told "yeah.. just come here with your change of address form and we'll make a duplicate for you."

    Ugh.. 4 weeks of being jerked around and not having a permit.

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  2. Bummer. But you could go ahead and use it as an excuse to get yourself another Handgun!

  3. That sucks. In Onslow county, they actually issue two permits if you pay another $5 for the second one. I didn't ask about the actual legalities of carrying the second one while the paper work for the original is being routed, but I still keep them seperate in case I lose the original. Although it looks different, it can actually be customized while being issued, it contains all the same information that the original white one does, plus a thumbprint, and it is signed by the Sheriff. I imagine it is as legal as the original.
  4. in wake county they will actuarly give you up to 5 permits at a time at 5 bucks ea.!so thererererer!
  5. Oh duh! I thought we were talking about concealed carry permit. Not measly permit to purchase. I guess I am kind of slow. :upeyes:
  6. Sorry for not clarifying... I was talking about my concealed carry permit. Not being originally from NC, I still forget you have to have other 'permits' to even purchase a handgun without a carry permit. It has officially been about 7 weeks now and I STILL do not have my carry permit replaced. Mad? Yeah... slightly...

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