Lost my best friend

Discussion in 'Woof Memorial Critter's Corner' started by r3dot, Feb 23, 2013.

  1. Loss of a good dog is painful. You have my sympathy.

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  2. very sorry for your loss.

  3. kburg

    Very sorry for your loss...I had to put 2 Great Danes down last year, really sucks.
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  4. There is nothing like having a great friend. Try to focus on the good times.
  5. Sorry for your loss.

    I just lost my great dane yesterday at age 9. The routine is the hardest thing to get over. My best friend was always there for us and offered our family lots of love and security. It has been tough but we are healing
  6. I'm very sorry for your loss and can feel your pain, having been there myself. My K-9 partner and very best friend, a personally owned Dutch Shepherd named "Jada," went from being a perfect example of good health to dead within 10 days. That was one day BEFORE the reading came back from Texas A&M saying that she had Lymphoma. Although you don't feel it at this moment, time does have a way to soften the "sting" that you now feel. Hang in there, this too shall pass and become more tolerable. Only you will know the correct time to get another dog.
  7. RLB


    Sorry for the loss of yor furbaby
  8. Truly sorry.

    The only thing I don't like about dogs is that they die and break our hearts.
  9. sorry for your loss
  10. r3dot

    Really appreciate all of the words. It's definitely helped.
  11. sorry to hear, don't play the blame game, won't bring him back. Remember the good times.
  12. My heart goes out for you and your pal. "If there are no dogs in heaven , then I want to go where they are". Will Rogers.
  13. janice6

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    This is so true!.
  14. You know, I don't even wonder about that. I believe dogs were given to men as the one animal, out of all of them, to be man's companion.

    I challenge anyone to look into my dogs eyes and say she doesn't have a spirit.

    Dog's are just great examples of love and loyalty. Sorry for your loss.
  15. Anyone who has experienced the loyalty and unconditional love of a dog, knows your sadness. Mr. Riley Wilson came to me three and a half years ago and literally saved my life!

    To this day he is like a part of my body and I pray that I go before him, but that would be so selfish of me, knowing how much he loves me!

    My lady has an angel of God that is now 14 and slowing down. I know it's not long, but his strength and love is something to emulate!

    Been there and done that! I am sad for you! But, I know for sure that you would do it again regardless of the outcome!

    Focus on those loving memories and give thanks in gratitude for the blessings received! And for the rest of us, take time in your day and thank your buddy! I do every moment we are together.

  16. UtahIrishman

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    I'm truly sorry for your loss...I've been there several times. It's never easy.

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