Looking to buy or build ar15 4 cheap under $600

Discussion in 'Black Rifle Forum' started by Lurch556, May 13, 2012.

  1. im looking buy or build ar for cheap dont have much spend saw m&p 15 4 $550-600. Wanted see if I could build one for cheaper

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  3. Are you sure it wasn't a M&P 15-22 you saw at that price? Even the M&P Sport (the cheapest of the M&P line) has been going for over 600, last I saw.

  4. Cole125

    Silver Member

    The Smith & Wesson M&P Sport is a great rifle for the money. You aren't going to build a better rifle for $600.
  5. JaPes

    JaPes Rimfire 1010101

    While I'm an enthusiastic 15-Sport owner, I only partially agree with that statement.

    My 15-Sport cost me $614.99 OTD. I purchased before the tide of negative opinion on the 15-Sport started to turn. I kept on getting unsolicited advice that I could have built one better for that price. So I tried assembling one within the same price.


    This is what it looked like when I finished building it (not what it looks like now :supergrin:).

    • Delaware Machinery Stripped Lower
    • Standard lower parts kit
    • No name buffer tube, buffer spring, carbine buffer
    • RGuns 14.7" pinned upper, 1:7 CMV
    • Generic A2 rear sight
    It shot this group using inexpensive 55gr TulAmmo, 100yds, iron sights, indoor range, slow fire, shot from a range required plastic rest.


    IMO, that's not bad at all for a budget build. In my hands, my 15-Sport and assembled AR give me similar results.

    I am of the opinion that if a firearms enthusiast wants to buy a complete AR that represents the best value for the budget conscious individual, the S&W 15-Sport can't be beat.

    On the other side of the coin, a firearms enthusiast with some mechanical ability, common sense, and initiative can assemble an AR ,within the same price range as a 15-Sport, that can hold it's own.

    OP, it can be done. You just have to be judicious in your parts choices. It's a give and take for features. In my assembled AR, I gained a forward assist, dust cover, and 14.7" pinned barrel. I gave up hard chrome lining and/or salt bath nitriding treatment of the barrel.

    The 15-Sport gives me the warm fuzzies of having a great barrel & lifetime service warranty.

    The assembled AR gives me the warm fuzzies because I put it together. If it breaks, I should know how to fix it.

    Good luck with your build!
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  6. You forgot the warm fuzzies from an excellent group on that target from said budget build....great job:thumbsup:
  7. Look at a pawn shop. I've spotted several good deals from a $430 double star to a sundevil billet lower for $130
  8. Not sure that I would call anything Double Star a great deal.... :tongueout:
  9. Don't be hatin' on da Dubble Starr! :rofl:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ca5CfZS6E1s"]Tactical Arms - The M4 (Part 1 of 2) - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Know your role wooden lol...
  11. I built an AR from a parts kit from Sarco a few years ago. The kit ran me $299 for a complete kit minus the stripped lower. Bought a lower for $79 at the LGS. The kits are no longer as cheap, but I think they are still a good deal.

  12. I think Ohio ordnance works still has FN m16 a2 uppers for $335 if that is of any interest to you
  13. bullittmcqueen

    bullittmcqueen Gunfighter

    Best to wait a few months and save a few more pennies. If you have saved $600, you can save $400 more and get a good rifle.
  14. I dont want I dont want spend more than 600 if I would I just build custome one
  15. With the way ARs are going right now, you will be hard pressed to get anything reliable for under $600, unless you're willing to get parts here and there as things go on sale. My suggestion would be to start watching places like Palmetto State Armory and Bravo Company. This can also give you a chance to set a little more money aside over time to get better quality parts.

    I'd suggest a basic 16" midlength upper from PSA, a stripped lower from whatever company strikes your fancy for a good price, a Daniel Defense or PSA lower parts kit, and basic stock, grip, etc. If you take your time and shop around, you can get it all for $600, but you'll have to shop around.
  16. I thimk im going start with spike tactical complete lower and go from there
  17. That's going to drain half your budget by the time you pay for shipping and transfer fees, even if you buy the cheapest complete lower Spike's sells. Getting a complete upper with sights, BCG, charging handle and handguards for $300 is going to be a tall order unless you just buy junk.
  18. Just buy yourself an AK and be done with it. $500 for the rifle, and $100 for ammo/mags.
  19. what ive thinking now is ive looked at the plum crazy complete lower and an spike tactical complete upper. ive done some research on plum crazy lower. ive seen good and bad all the bad ive seen it is the operators and not product down fall. if you don't have the lower or haven't had one do not post here to start a flam battle.
  20. LA_357SIG

    LA_357SIG Milspectacular

    $200 DSA Carbine lower
    $240 DSA carbine upper
    $14 DSA charging handle
    $110 DSA BCG

    $564 before shipping and FFL transfer fees.

    $600 isn't a great budget for building an AR. You can find clearance sales or buy used parts, but in general, building is great to get what you want. Not to save a buck these days.
  21. 4TS&W


    You still need a rear sight and a mag. Otherwise, that's a pretty good cheap package!

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