Looking for your most accurate load using WST

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by JT2424, Dec 11, 2010.

  1. Hey, as long as you aren't using TG, I am a happy man.:supergrin:

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  2. nscob

    Well I found some .357 I loaded with TG. It was some I forgot I had,and while destroying the targets and grinning(686,6 in.)I made mental note to get more, but decided against after reading more of your post's about it. I am happy with 2400 and Unique. Also the 1.200-1.220 on the .45 looks ok to you Fred,or anyone else. Thanks again Fred.

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  3. shotgunred

    shotgunred reloading nut

    Hard to beat that. 3 different calibers. One powder and charge weight. Even I could remember that.

    Reminds me that I used the last of my tightgroup on Sunday.
  4. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    Fred, what range do you recommend for a 9mm 125g again using WST? I accidentally deleted our PM's discussing it?

    I want to load a BC 125g moly coated LRN long at 1.150 for my Spartan.
  5. I shot some 147gr lead with 3.6 Wst at IDPA and did all head shots with no problem
  6. I don't even see WST listed as a powder for a 230 gr bullet in the Hornady manual#7). I've never used that powder before. In fact, never heard of it until a few months ago. Is it faster than HS-6...sort of like AA#5?
  7. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    Is it chronoed? What about 124/125g 9mm?
  8. have not chrono'ed it yet,but I am confident it should make it.Have not tried wst with 124 lead yet,but i do load a 124 gr PD FMJ over 5.1 gr WST and that thing is great.I like it so much I'm gonna pump out 1k as SHTf ammo. I did chrono this load and its going 1085. about 135pf.
  9. IndyGunFreak

    IndyGunFreak KO Windows

    It's faster than HS-6... not really sure on AA#5.

    It's actually a good .45 powder. I'm gonna start trying it in 9mm next. It's much cleaner than 231...

    There's loads out there for it, you just gotta look around. Fred has posted plenty of loads for it.
  10. Start & 4.6gr & work it up to 4.9gr as max depending on OAL. SHould run right around 1100fps @ 4.9gr w/ a LRN or LTC, again, depending on OAL.
    WST is listed in the Hodgdon manual & site. Just another reason to own more than one manual. It's not practical for every data source to try every powder & bullet combo. WST is a tiny bit faster than W231, much faster than AA#5 or HS6, slower than TG. It is best used for std vel loads in low pressure rounds like the 45acp, but can be used for upper midrange loads in 9mm & 40. If every TG user tried it, they would never go back to TG.:supergrin:
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  11. Sorry Fried but I have tryed it. But I for one well stick with the TG.
  12. Well Bob, there is always one. Curious why stay w/ TG, what did you not like about WST?:dunno:
  13. For the application that I use it for which is GSSF. I did not get as good as accuracy as I did with the TG and I did not like the recoil. Maybe if I played with it more I could have gotten the accuracy down. But then I still would have the recoil that I do not like. Plus the group that I travel with for the GSSF matches. Some of them use the same load. So if for some reason I had to use up the extra ammo that I take. And I need more ammo I can use theirs. Or they can use mine if need be. Our loads are about as low as you can make them and still work in all of the stock guns that we use.
  14. Hmm, I have always found he recoil of WST quite soft compared to equal vel loads using other powders. I don't do gamer loads, so I can't really compare. I understand your point, those tiny little charges just doesn't work for me.:wavey:
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