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Looking For pocket .357/38 revolver

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by rolltide_pisco, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. nathanours

    nathanours Texan

    Real world testing. Same bullet weights from a 2" barrel.

    125 gr Federal JHP 38 Special - 847 FPS (not +p)
    125 gr Federal JHP 357 Mag - 949 FPS

    Less than an eighth difference in velocity for much less recoil and muzzle flash is well worth it IMO.

    I can shoot follow-up shots much much more quickly and accurately with 38+p than I can with 357 out of 1 7/8" guns.

    Rent both of you have the chance.

    By the way, the link you posted is for a 3" gun. That's over a 50% increase in barrel length over the common 642 or LCR.
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2014
  2. MK1


    Apr 1, 2014
    My vote would be for the LCR. I felt like it shot so much better than my 642. If you do want a hammerless s&w .357 then you would want to look at the 640.

  3. boilergonzo


    Mar 31, 2004
    It is pricey, but I chose the 340PD, and would do it again. The thing is crazy light! Yes, it kicks like a mule with 357Mag, but none of these are pleasant range guns with strong loads.

    At 11.4oz, it is just so easy to put in a pocket, has great sights, and serves its purpose.

    Going up from the 11.4oz, the LCR and M&P340 are both in the 13oz range. Next step up in weight is the 442/642-like models at ~15oz.

    For pocket carry, I like light, and the 340PD is very tough to match in that regard! I'd say at least look at the 340PD if your budget allows.