Looking For pocket .357/38 revolver

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by rolltide_pisco, Apr 3, 2014.

  1. rolltide_pisco

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    Strictly for spring/summer carry. Just grab and stick in shorts pocket. Recommendations?

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  2. eb07

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  3. yeah, get a holster for it.
  4. ChuteTheMall

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  5. Ruger LCR

    Smith 642 is 38+P
  6. 340PD is king of the J-frame sized .38/.357s if you want light.

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  7. ..lcr..
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  8. Rent some snub nose 38s and see which you like the best. S & W and Ruger is a good place to start at.
  9. Its hard to beat a 442/642 brand new for $400+/- The 340pd and the 342 are nice too but $200+ more to save 3oz of weight. I will say that the fiber optic sight on the 340pd is really nice.
  10. Gregg702

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  11. Berto

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    The 642/442 are pretty much the standard....and very good guns. The LCR is universally praised too, I'll probably get one myself in .357.
    Lots of really good loads for either round, I find a stout .38+p about as much as I care for in a sub 15oz snubby YMMV.
  12. I wouldn't bother with 357 out of a short barrel. You lose too much velocity and greatly increase felt recoil and muzzle flash.
  13. A 642 would be great. The LCR comes with a really nice factory trigger pull and although the Hogue tamer grip makes it quite shootable, it's also a bit bulky for pocket carry. They make thinner/smaller grips for it, but then it loses it's all day shootablility.
  14. Ditto.

    I own a 642. I really like it for summer carry. Winter as well for that matter. Put it in my light jacket pocket. No slide or hammer to cause a malfunction after the first shot. Standing at a dark ATM with my hand in my pocket would add quite the surprise for any BG. :shocked:

    The LCR wasn't out when I got my 642. In 38+P trim, it is incredibly light. Reasonable comfort while shooting as well. Either would be good as would a 638. If I were buying new right now? LCR (38 version) for me. Put in some Gold Dot or Golden saber +Ps and call it good.
  15. I would also recommend a 38. I've never shot a LCR in 357. It's probably pretty stout.
  16. The only .357 snubs I've enjoyed shooting was a SP101 and 66-2 for obvious reasons. A lightweight 5 shot in .38spl and some +Ps is as far as I'd go.

  17. Yup. .357 loads in a snubbie are a real handful.
  18. eb07

    eb07 Sharkin'

    I do not find 357 rounds an issue in the lcr. I did in my j frame.
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  20. I've found the LCR 357 is a handy little gun to carry in a coat pocket. The enclosed hammer prevents snagging and permits firing from the pocket in dire circumstances. The 357 allows a greater selection of ammo options including hot 38spl rounds I usually keep in the gun.

    I had a LCR 38+P but found it's recoil was harsh. The LCR 357's 3.6oz heavier stainless steel monolithic frame mitigates recoil somewhat. In any event, these light weight revolvers serve their self defense purpose but a comfortable range gun they are not.

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