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Discussion in 'General Competition' started by xcrunner2001, Mar 16, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I am fairly new to Northeast Iowa (yeah, I know...) and looking for some good ranges, competition groups and, possibly, a reliable source for CCW training.

    Not new to guns as I have several long guns and handguns, but interested in getting into some different competition stuff.

    What are my options? Who are some good sources up here? By here, I mean roughly the Waterloo-Cedar Falls area as I am pretty close to there. Went to the new Scheels store, but nobody there could really help me out with any info.

    Thanks and look forward to finally contributing to the site!

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  3. Black Hawk Pistol Club is the bomb for IDPA or USPSA. Wolf Creek may be starting up again, but no info on when or how. BHPC shoots at the CVPR range on highway 63 between Hudson and Waterloo, which is worth joining even if you dont shoot matches.

    You can call me at 290-2449 for more info! I can also train you for your Iowa carry permit, and I do private instruction for defense and competition.


  4. Thanks for the info...been busy with work, so I haven't had much time to look into things. Found the site for Black Hawk Pistol Club, but didn't find anything about the Wolf Creek place. Is that another club or range in the area?

    I've watched a few things on USPSA on YouTube, some of them guys are pretty good! Where do you do your competition stuff and training? How long have you been doing that? I've seen some flyers or signs around the area on different training and not sure about their quality or qualifications. Just curious to your background experience.

  5. I've been doing it about 10 years. The range is between Waterloo ande Hudson on Hwy 63. Yes, I can help you train, either for competition or for defense

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