Looking for g19 OD NYC, LI, Westchester

Discussion in 'Tri State Glockers' started by galupo, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Looking to get a g19 in OD in and around NYC with my next purchase order which should be here in 2 weeks. Can any one recomend a place in nyc, LI, or westchester?

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  2. NY IRONWORKS near 1 Police Plaza NYC. They do a huge amount of orders through Glock. I bought three Glocks through them and got them quickly. A lot of local LEOs buy there. You can google them for the address.

  3. Went there they are low on stock and more expensive then other places.
  4. It seems everyplace is low on stock. The only other place I can think of that might have a supply is a store near Nassau Coliseum, I think it's called Coliseum sports. Unfortunately anything near the city is going to have high prices. The other option is to order online and locate a FFL to handle the transfer.
  5. GMT II

    GMT II NRA Member

    Westside Rifle and Pistol Club in Chelsea is also an FFL and Glock dealer. They also charge within reason (considering where we live).

    Also they are real good guys to deal with. Where do you shoot?
  6. Bay Ridge Rod and Gun.
    Might be coming over to westside real soon.....
  7. galupo - I shoot at Bay Ridge as well. Usually on a weekday morning.

    Have you tried (forget name) shop on New Utrecht Ave in the low 80s - under the El and right near Waldbaums? I got my Glock 19 up at Thruway Sports in Walden, near Newburgh. If you are willing to drive you might also check the gun shops in Orange County. I was also up in Margaretville this past weekend and they had a Glock 26 9mm for $350 - slightly used. But great price.
  8. I shoot on Weekends.
    I'm an office Jockey m-f 8-6 lol...
    I don't drive unfortunately...
    Glock 26 for $350 damn Maybe I should have that shipped to Fl as a nice BUG.

    Send me a PM would love to meet other shooters in Brooklyn

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