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Looking For : Entry-Level Shotgun

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by HEAVY, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. HEAVY

    HEAVY "Verify!"

    May 31, 2006

    i'm eyeing a hatsan pump shottie. anything wrong with this piece?

    how much is a mossie 590? at saan meron?

    any other suggestions?

    thanks, brothers!

    btw, this will be dual purpose - home defense and ipsc competition use.

    thanks again.
  2. Eye Cutter

    Eye Cutter Moderator

    Nov 21, 2002
    Dr. B. Eye
    nothing wrong with an armscor, and the turkish pumps are quite well made.

    if you can find a remington or mossberg, go with that. the rem 870 has lots of add-ons and accessories available in the market place.

    sa semi-auto, go with the benelli.

  3. 3kings

    3kings SalingPusa

    Jan 4, 2005
    hatsan pump is ok.
    mossberg is also ok.
    well that's for me
  4. "entry level"? Mossberg Maverick.
  5. Mang Danny

    Mang Danny

    Jan 11, 2005
    Remington 870, parang 1911 sa dami ng accessories.
    Benelli Nova parang Glock, walang paltos.
  6. HEAVY

    HEAVY "Verify!"

    May 31, 2006
    ano po ba ang price range ng remington 870?

    e ang mossberg 590?

    salamat po uli.
  7. revo


    Apr 27, 2003
    Armscor. Tangkilin ang sariling atin.
  8. kontra


    Nov 7, 2006
    mossberg 500:
    twin pines: 37k
    casa armas: 42k / 47k for mossberg590
  9. chowchow


    Jan 15, 2007
    Remington 870 Synthetic 12 gauge.
  10. enting


    Oct 21, 2006
    Maybe ok lang hatsan but I warn you sa Hahn gunstore baka you will be the next victim. Na biktima na ako sa Hahn-SM Cebu. I also met a guy from leyte there sa Hahn early this year nagfollow-up September na purchase. Sa akin 6 months walang baril dumating plenty of lies & reason nagparefund nalang ako. meron akong post last jan. 16, 2007, sorry i dont know how to link the thread.Ikaw kung gusto mo mag risk.\
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    Junior Member

    Registered: Oct 2006

    victimized by HAHN -Sm cebu
    I went to Hahn SM cebu yesterday, a guy from Ormoc leyte nag follow sa kanyang order na glock 17 for 36t, nagpartial payment 8T last September 2006 until now walapa. Same happened to me, I paid in full last DEc. 2005 for a shotgun kasi they ask to pay full para 13th month salary daw nila ,naawa din ako. 4 months wala parin, in process na daw & many reasons etc. Called their main office hindi raw na submit ang papers & wala daw stock. Kahit alam ko nga thay were lying yung dalawang babae from Hans, i gave them a chance kasi kawawa naman baka ako ang reason nga mawalan ng trabaho, pinalitan nalang ng glock 17 kay mura lng 34t they promise 45 days lng pro wala parin. Umabot ng 6months from payment wala parin, nagparefund nalang ako pero nagexpire ibang documents hindi nila pinalitan. Yung dalawang babae na terminate sa Hahn, pero bakit ngayon na bago ang crew sa Hahn nangyari parin sa iba baka ang Hahn Cebu manloloko din. Hindi talaga ko alam kung anong ginawa sa pera bakit nagkaganon. I heard same stories also from other people & from the police station where i got my clearance. i tried Shooters & twin pines mga 45 days to 60days lng.

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    01-15-2007 11:18

    Senior Member

    Registered: Aug 2006
    Location: philippines

    haaay dami na talaga manloloko ngayon!!! pag nakuha mo unit mo balikan mo yung mga taga hahn ipukpuk mo sa kanila para matauhan sila hahaha

    p.s. wag mo puputukan ah bawal yun!

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    01-15-2007 15:17

    Senior Member

    Registered: Sep 2004
    Location: .ph

    blah, as much as possible i do not buy from hahn
    for some reason, there is something suspect to me about hahn, bakit siya lang ang gun store na pinapayagan ni henry sy sa mga SM malls niya? and, anyway, mahal sila magbenta. unless super kailangan ko ang isang bagay, di ako bibili sa hahn, most items nilang maganda may mas ok naman na mas mura (at least for myself) i can get elsewhere or ipabili sa US.

    kung baril naman, eh shempre sa BOGs resident gun runner na ko bibili, wassup deenoh?! hehehe


    -have an adequate day!

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    01-15-2007 23:03

    Janeway Forever

    Registered: Nov 2001
    Location: Delta Quadrant

    Prices at Hahn border on the ridiculous. I just go there from time to time to window shop and occasionally handle stuff I'll buy from other shops or over the net.

    My friend once made a mistake of purchasing a G19 from them. It took her months of waiting and a personal visit to Willie Hahn's office with her brother/lawyer. Saka lang na-release yung pistol.


    The sword that cuts down evil is the sword that gives life.

    BOG #13

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    01-16-2007 12:46

    Senior Member

    Registered: Jan 2005
    Location: doin' time

    Thats sad to hear Enting..buti na lang at nag post ka..binabalak- balak ko pa namang subukan yung Hatsan ng Hahn.

    Like you Alexii nag wi window shop lang ako sa Hanh kasi nga halos lahat ng SM Malls may shope sila. Teka nakabile na pala ko ng ammos sa SM north branch ..i gave my gun licence and PTT..the sales clerk called someone over the phone then gave me ammos..


    Survival! favors the prepared mind, but my mind is not prepared to choose which guns to keep, does this means im no Survivor?
  11. TTPower


    Aug 2, 2006
    HEAVY if u plan to get a hatsan shotgun go to PBdionesio sila rin dealer ng hatsan shotgun and i think hahn just gets from them. my brother and a friend has an ESCORT pump shotgun ok nman and magaan pa. correct me if i'm wrong but i think hatsan and escort shotguns are the same. one thing is for sure they're both made in turkey :)
  12. HEAVY

    HEAVY "Verify!"

    May 31, 2006
    hatsan is the brand, escort is one of their models.

    the other turkish shotgun is the karatay. anyone have that? maganda ba?
  13. nitrox920


    Nov 23, 2006
    over under
    Try the Akkar Altay Competition 24" model semi auto shotgun. Its reasonable price for an entry shotgun. its a 8+1 with 3 chokes included. (full,modified and IC. chokes)

    I used it for defense and hunting purposes.

    I have been hitting wildducks and crane(tulabong)and I'm very happy with it.

    hindi lang pang sports pang depensa pa !!
  14. Heavy, I have the excort pump shotgun... Very reliable and light. Fired 150 rounds without a single problem. And if u've got short arms like me, this is the shotgun for you kasi di malayo yung pang pump nya cmpared to other shotguns. Best part is its very cheap. Try going to PB Dionisio...
  15. kamelot


    Dec 16, 2005
    Hi Heavy!

    If you're planning to buy an entry level pump, why don't you try out the available models at the firing range. If you're eyeing for the ARMSCOR Pump, you can try it at their range - Marikina or Makati Cinema Square. The other turkish guns I'm sure are available too at PB Dionisio. Shoot several rounds of each one. Just ask for birdshot, not slugs. See what best fits your shoulder and your pocket.

    The Remington 870 Pump as previously stated have been tested in Vietnam and it has always delivered. It certainly has proven itself in the firing range, too.The Mossbergs have been used extensively by US LEOs when they go about their everyday business " at the office" - meaning on patrol and in the field.:)
  16. HEAVY

    HEAVY "Verify!"

    May 31, 2006
    thanks for the suggestions guys.

    sir kamelot, you're absolutely right about the budget part, hehe. :)

    i'm almost decided on the turkish shotties, the hatsan or the karatay, nicely made and very affordable at around 14k plus licensing.

    i also like the short stroke on the hatsan escort, so that's first on my list.(no hurry, though. gunban pa naman.)

    if you guys have heard anything bad about this brand and model, i would appreciate you posting your thoughts bago ako bumili.

    thanks, thanks!
  17. kontra


    Nov 7, 2006
    any personal experience on the mossberg500 / 590 & remington 870?

    how much is the remington870 (14inches barrel) and where available in manila?

  18. Medyo OT ito pero related. Does anyone know where I can buy a sling for my Armscor shotgun. The kind that you would'nt have to drill any holes anymore or even have to change any of the parts in order to install? Thanks!
  19. isuzu


    Jul 3, 2005
    North America
    How much is Twin Pines selling the Mavericks now? Last time, I think it was in the P30,000 range.
  20. are maverick shotguns made by mossberg? on the website of maverickarms it says "Maverick by Mossberg" but there is no maverick shotgun on the mossberg website.:sad: