Looking for an Easy on and off Duty Holster

Discussion in 'Cop Talk' started by Milltown, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. The facility I work at uses armed Corrections Officers for extra or special transports where the Transport officers either need help or aren't working.

    The weapons that the Corrections Officers use are .45 USPc and are stored in the gun lockers with holsters and magazines.

    So when they are required to do a transport, officers need to pull the key. Then the Officer has to go out to the sally port and strip out their Corrections Duty Belt and slide on the holster and the magazine pouch. For some officers this can be kind of a pain and can slow officers down in an emergency.

    Currently they use the Uncle Mikes Holster. The Capt. said if we could find a new holster that he would look into it.

    So I'm looking for a Triple retention holster that is not leather or shiny that can quickly be equipped to a duty belt. I like my Safariland 6280 a lot but I'm looking for more options.

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    Well..We just take our gear out, and wear the empty batbelt inside...at least, most do. Others take the outer duty belt off prior to shift, put what they need oon the inner belt, unless they go out for something.

  4. Why not just lock up the gun? It's an awfully silly time waster to have to strip the holster off the belt.

    It makes no sense to be forced to drop the holster.

    Ok, I think I understand now. I think the QLS system linked above is the best answer.
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  5. SAR


    I really like my Aker paddle holster. I have it in my drawer for days when I really don't feel like wearing a gun in the office, but need ready access. The holster itself is nice leather, while the paddle is a very durable and thick polymer, much sturdier and stronger than something made out of Kydex like Fobus.

    They even make some paddle holsters that look like they could clip onto a duty belt. They have wedges on the inside that hook onto your belt and really make them hard to just accidentally flop off.

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    1. The JBT's

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    You could do the safariland quick release system for a belt holster or if they prefer the tactiCOOL look the system is also available for thigh holsters. Issue the belt buckle attachment to everyone and then 3 snaps and a twist later anyone can be armed interchangeably.
  8. A couple of our ex-military guys made the suggestion of getting drop leg holsters , but that seemed to be an idea that was quickly shot down.
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  10. So if they need them, they just call time out and go pop the trunk? Nice.
  11. Crooks in other countries, New Zealand for instance, still respect the official time out rule.
  12. Safariland paddle holster?

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  13. I was talking to a co worker today and he mentioned that he would like to get a holster like they have for our x26s right now. He couldn't remember the maker but it slide over each side of the duty belt and then clipped together at the base of the belt.

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