Looking for an Arsenal, which model?

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by collim1, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    I am interested in an Arsenal. Problem is there are tons of models to choose from and I dont know which one I should get.

    Looking to spend under $1k. Dont mind a stamped receiver. Just looking for basic features in a reliable, well built rifle.

    The model numbers Arsenal uses are mind boggling. I have been on their website for an hour and still cant make heads or tails of it.

    Any help?

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  2. I think the three best choices for your budget would be an Slr-101, Sgl-21, or the Slr-107. All three are top tier and the best Ak's being produced today. You can't go wrong with any Arsenal rifle.

    The 21 is an awesome rifle and the cheapest of the 3 by about $100. It is a stamped Russian with a full stock and it is one of the best Ak's I have ever owned.

    The 101 is a limited run and an awesome deal on a milled Bulgrian full stock. Buds has them for $980 and that is where I got mine, it is my first milled rifle.

    The 107 is a stamped Bulgarian side-folder. If you like side-folders, these are the best you can own.

  3. GIockGuy24

    GIockGuy24 Bring M&M's

    Choose the caliber you want. Choose if you want a fixed stock or a folding stock. From there the differences are if they have a gas block with a bayonet lug and a cleaning rod hole in it. On the ones that don't, the cleaning rod is an odd fit as it sort of has to bend around the non-military gas block bottom and it isn't held as well. Don't get one that has the non-pistol grip stock with the rearward mounted trigger. The triggers are terrible in those and sometimes even cause problems. They are made up of many little parts connected together. The ones with pistol grips have standard semi auto AK triggers.

    1) Caliber

    2) Fixed or Folding stock

    3) Cleaning rod hole (bayonet lug) or Without

    There may be models for states that require the muzzle brake be welded or not there at all.

    The SLR-101 is a very nice milled receiver 7.62x39 model.
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  4. I love my slr 101! It started out as a 101-s but I had it milled to accept standard mags. I was lucky enough to find a nice crackhead that was selling it for dirt cheap. All in all it cost me under 600$ (not including accessories). Of course this isn't typical but I can highly recommend this model.

  5. GIockGuy24

    GIockGuy24 Bring M&M's

    Note some Arsenal milled receiver models are offered with or without a scope mount side rail. They used to have some stamped models like that too. but I think all of them now have a scope rail. If you want one, make sure the rifle has one.
  6. The "stamped" receiver guns are actually thought to last longer than the milled, as they resist "cracking". I have yet to see a miled receiver crack but that's the internet rumor. In addition, they are much lighter than a milled gun. I have the SGL2161, which is stamped receiver, Warsaw length 7.62x39 black furniture. It is their cheaper gun (if there is such) but is Russian receiver never the less. This is an excellent gun and in a common caliber that hits hard.
  7. What caliber do you want?
    Have to start there to narrow down the choices.

    Arsenal no longer deals with the Russian SGL line, FIME Group took that over. They are still the same, just a different name on the side of the receiver.

    Arsenal only does the Bulgarian SLR line.

    I own an SGL21 and a SLR106. I personally prefer the SLR106, but that is because of caliber, both are excellent rifles.
  8. SGL21 here.
  9. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    I definitely want 7.62x39. The nearest shop that carries them is 2 hrs away in the city my folks live in. I am planning to go up there soon, I guess I'll have to look at them hands on to decide.

    Someone mentioned having the receiver modified to accept standard mags. Do they not accept any standard AK mag?
  10. Then I would recommend an SGL21 or SLR107.
    If you want a folder(I personally prefer folders, but everyone has different preferences) then the SLR107 may be a better option since they all come with a folder and are generally cheaper than their SGL counterparts.

    They do take standard AK mags.
  11. Mine started out as a slr101-s which means single stack. Unless you're in commifornia or some other sh** hole state with capacity restrictions, you need not worry.
  12. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    The SLR107 is looking good. Would be nice to fold up but still have a real stock that is comfortable to shoot. I wont be shooting it while folded thats for sure.

    Good to hear they take standard mags. I am in a gun friendly state so no worry there.
  13. It seems like Arsenal has a separate model number (i.e: 21-XX) for every variation (color of furniture, type of stock, size of magazine, type of muzzle device, etc). If the exact model you want is unavailable, they're easily modified to the configuration you want.
  14. Go to K-var.com. It helps make your life simpler, and lists a bunch of the different models. I like 7.62, so that is the sgl-21 series. Then it is just different mods. http://www.k-var.com/shop/SGL21-Ser...ussian-Stamped-Receiver-AK-47-Variant-Rifles/

    I have a -94 (folder), which is over your budget, but you could almost get it. I think it is worth it for the portability.

    p.s. I've bought a couple guns through K-var. Totally professional. Fast, reliable. I've never heard a bad word about them. They are about as direct from Arsenal as you can get.
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  15. I love my Arsenal (SLR-107CR). It's a Bulgarian with the polymer side folder, optics rail on the side of the receiver, and has a FSB/gas block combo which made it the ideal platform for an SBR project. My stamp should be here in the next month, or so at which time my Arsenal will be about as close to an AK-104 clone as I can get... 12.5" barrel and all.

    If you want a 7.62x39mm, you want it to say Arsenal on it, and you'd like a polymer side folder, then I would steer you toward an SLR-107 series rifle, or perhaps a used SGL-21 series if you can find one with a folder that fits your budget. Either way, Arsenal makes excellent AK's.
  16. I'd go for the SLR-107F series, I love the folding stock, its just a sweet beast.
  17. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    After looking at it the 107 is starting to look pretty good.
  18. All three of the models listed in my post are can't miss. The SLR-101 is an amazing deal on a new milled Bulgy and the 107 is great also. You are definitely going about it the right way for your first Ak. I have three myself but wasn't smart enough to go top tier for my first.
  19. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    My dad bought a WASR-10 a while back. Its reliable and more accurate than I was expecting based on what I had read about them. However, the fit, finish, and especially the stock were lacking.

    When I decided I wanted one of my own I wanted a better built rifle.
  20. Figure out the caliber then whether or not you want NATO or Warsaw Pact or a folding stock. I bought an SGL31 because the ammo was cheaper but that's just me.

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