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  1. I like Semi-auto better than revolvers. I always have. Nothing against the wheel guns of course. However, sometimes I feel the need to shoot a wheelgun. I have a small Taurus snubby 38 now but it was inherited and it’s a little small for my hands. I also have a couple hundred rounds of 38 special .

    I want to buy a revolver that is fun to shoot so I was thinking a big old 357 magnum since it can shoot the 38 ammo I have too. Nothing to conceal so I am thinking big and shiny. I will only take it to the range. It will probably be the only one I get so I want a decent one without breaking the bank.

    My original thought was a 44 or 500SW but 38 and 357 is considerably cheaper and in a SHTF scenario will likely be readily available. As much fun as the 500 would be I am inclined to stick with something that would be useful. Opinions? What would you buy?

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  2. Ruger GP100

  3. First of all I also love semi auto's and I have many, but I ended up having many "wheel guns" as well after I shot my first one a while back, and they are of course fun to shoot. My S&W 500 is fun to shoot, but rather pricey so you may not want the 500, rounds get expensive. But at the range people look with interest especially after they hear the report. I also shoot the Rossi 46202 and I have it in black but it comes in stainless steel as well. I originaly got it for plinking but after a few hundred rounds of .357 mag. it's still working like a swiss clock. Rossi is owned by Taurus so it also comes with a lifetime warranty for the original owner, but so far it has not given me any troubles. I purchased it for around 300 but I have no complaints. It maybe cheap but it's pretty reliable, I would have no problem in using it for a CCW.
  4. Smith and Wesson pre-lock model 66 - stainless K frame 357. L frame model 686 -stainless. Model 19 is blued K frame 357. Model 65 - stainless fixed sight K frame. One of my favorites is the model 10 Military and Police in 38 special ( the stainless model is a model 64).
    The Ruger GP100 is a great gun, I have one of those as well as a blued Service Six ( 357 with fixed sights). The ruger just doesn't have as good a trigger as the S&W.
    Prolly the safest bet is to get these in 4" barrels, they handle well!
    Unfortunately, I'd recommend you stay away from Colt's. There just aren't enough 'smiths who work on them anymore.:faint:
  5. S&W L-frame 686.
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    I've always liked revolvers up and until people started asking more for a used revolver then I could buy a new, modern semi-auto for. It's all about cost effectiveness for me. I paid $400 for my current PX4 Storm in 40cal. It's 14+1 shots and the 40S&W is just as effective as a 357Mag. As far as revolvers go, if/when I can find a decent 357Mag(S&W or Ruger) for around $300 I'll get back into one, until then if I'm going to spend $400-$450 on a handgun it'll be a new semi-auto, why handicap myself with only 6 round when for less money I can get twice as many rounds in a good semi.
  7. There's a lot of Smith & Wesson M10's out there that are police trade ins and can be had for under $300. Check Bud's. You can also find SS 64's fairly cheap check J&G. I have far more revolvers then auto's. They are fun to shoot.

  8. +1 on the S&W 686 - Plus (7 shot) 4". One heck of a fun gun to shoot. 38 sp feels like 22lr out of it. Big and shiny too!


    Here it is next to my "little G21"

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    Oh, and as far as revolvers go, a good S&W L-Frame or a Ruger GP-100 would pretty much get the job done and hold up to a lot of 357Mag ammo. K-Frame not so much but they are a bit lighter and will hold up to all the 38spl +P you'd care to shoot in one. The N-Frame S&W's are built like a tank for 357Mag and you can even get em' in an 8 shot model now days.
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    If .357 is what You are after I would go with the older model 28.
    Probably 4 inch which is more handy in general, but 6 incher can deliver even more fun at the range still not being too clunky.
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    A local guy has a 6" bbl. one up for sale but he's asking $450 which I think is a bit much since he says it's had a lot of rounds thru it. They are built like dang tanks and will hold up to all the 357Mag that you'd care to put thru one. I really like the "aggressive" look of the 4" M28.
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  12. If I could only own one .357 it would be either a 586 or 686 with a 4" barrel. I love the K frames, models 19 and 66 are classic's. I especially like the fixed sighted models 13 and 65. The N frames are classics too, if considering a model 28 don't forget about the 27.

    Rugers are good too, I just prefer the action of the S&W's. I actually like the older security/speed/service six's over the newer GP100.
  13. Lots of good info. I appreciate it. I am a dealer now so I will be buying from a distributor so as far as price goes I am ok on that part. Not made of gold mind you but I am buying a few toys. Its been almost 3 months since I bought my last one so I am playing catch up. :)

    I have been eyeballing a 686 and the GP-100 in stainless. I love the Colt King Cobra/ Anaconda but the price is just too much for a gun that is going to be a safe queen most of the time but the sure are sexy. :)

    I used to shoot my ex-father in laws blued Colt Trooper with I think a 6-8 inch barrel. He loaded some extremely hot loads. Man, that was a fun gun. Miss him and his guns, not his daughter.

    Ok, so what about a Taurus Raging Bull? or Tracker? Any complaints?

    So far the Rossi, Ruger GP-100, and the 586/686 stand out as ones I have been eyeballing. 4" barrel sounds perfect too. Stainless or polished I think.
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  14. Smith and Wesson L-frame 586/686. K-frame size, with N-frame strength. 4 inch barrels are about the best all around length. They come in two varieties, square butt and round. The older ones come with a square butt; mine is a square, I like it because it makes me keep my hand higher on the backstrap. The nice thing about round, if you don't like it, you can get stocks to give it the square but form.

    Another suggestion would be a 625 N-frame; it shoots 45 acp, so since you are an auto shooter, you probably have a 45. It is a bit more expensive than a 686 but may be an option
  15. Since no budget is mentioned I will start with what I would get if I had unlimited funds. A Registered Magnum which became a Smith Model 27 later. Or maybe a Colt Python. But I would also be very happy with a Model 28, maybe one that had alot of finish wear and then I might get it refinished in nickel if I really wanted the shiny part. If I wanted something a bit more unusual maybe a Model 27 in nickel with a five inch barrel or maybe even a Model 520.
  16. There are alot of people here who have said they have had great success with Taurus revolvers. On the other hand there seem to be more people who have said they have issues with a Taurus than some other brands. And there was a dealer or employee here who claimed that most of the guns his shop had to send back were from Taurus.
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    I had a S&W 686 (6 inch barrel in blue) that I loved to shoot. I sold it to my Dad so I'd have some cash for a G30. Now I get to shoot them both.

    :wavey: :wavey:

    Get one and you won't regret it.
  18. Weigh in on these if you have one. This is my list so far that I have been wittling down over the past couple of days.


    S&W 686-6 PLUS 4" 357 STAINLESS 7 SHOT


    All of these have a blued option which I might entertain if the price difference is enough of an incentive.
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  19. This is what I was hoping not to hear about them. I used to have a PT-945 and sent it back twice. That is enough to rule them out. So, no Taurus.
  20. I am leaning more towards the Gp-100 and the 686. I like both of them.

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