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Long wait for permits?????

Discussion in 'Tri State Glockers' started by Southside, Sep 10, 2007.

  1. Southside


    Jul 21, 2007
    Ocean Cty N.J.
    What is the real purpose for the long waiting period to receive a pistol permit.All things considered. I have owned long guns for more than forty five years in the state that I previously lived(N.Y.).Not exactly a gun friendly state,but a pistol permit only takes about a month to aquire.It will be three months this tuesday since the papers were submitted to the police dept.Any replies on the positive side would be appreciated.Oh I live in N.J.
  2. Took 8 months in Bricktown for my firearms ID card (FID) and permit to purchase. The local PD told me that they were waiting on the state to come back with the necessary information.

    Search our thread here back about a year and you will find a posting about the waits in various cities in NJ. If I remember the people who responded gave typical ranges of about two months to over one year. South Jersey was a little quicker if I remember correctly.

    FYI Next week will also be three months of waiting for my permit to purchase (I already have an FID card). I was told that it usually takes the longest for first timers to obtain the required FID card and the permit to purchase.

    The law is a little out of whack; I don't see the reasoning for allowing unlimited purchases for long guns with an FID card but I have to wait so long to purchase one to three pistols at a time.

  3. karateman

    karateman NRA Member

    Feb 22, 2007
    Central NJ
    It took me a little less than 3 months for my FID and first pistol permit which I got at the same time.
    my last pistol only took just under 3 weeks to come in, I guess I just got lucky.

  4. TimiG19


    Jan 18, 2005
    San Antonio, TX
    I waited about 45 days for the 1st permit I got in NJ and about 30 days for the second.

    Of course, now that I live in TX I only have to wait about 3-5 minutes while the clerk calls in the on-the-spot-background-check thing they do here.

    ^^ Reason #46 I don't miss NJ.
  5. dusty78


    Mar 23, 2006
    Pittsburgh, PA
    two weeks for me in northern nj
  6. Aargh. Up to 4 months now. Spoke with the gals at the records office. Turned out that the state info was back for a while, they were waiting for my second reference to come in. I had them resend the form and told my second reference to fill it out again (I can't give my reference any crap cause since May he's been my new boss-and a good one at that). I hope to stop by the office on my day off and if the stars are aligned, I can get my permit and shortly after a brandy new G23!
  7. Permit was picked up on Monday! Once the last reference was squared away the PD called me after two working days.... A new GLOCK in the stable is imminent now! G23 most likely with a 9mm conversion barrell from Lone Wolf.
  8. PacketStorm


    Feb 27, 2007
    Buffalo, NY
    Glad to hear your permit went through. I am over in Erie County NY. I am having the same problem. Went through my safety course back in June and am still working through the process. The FBI check is done, finger prints done, stool sample sumitted... now just waiting on the county to reject my "Personal Protection" request and stamp "Hunting/Target Only" on the license.

    How does that work, the Glock 23 with 9mm conversion barrel? Can you use the same mags?

  9. No. You need to have the 9mm mags (which I had several already). Short range report. Took it out last weekend, was shooting about 1 foot low at 25yards while the .40 barrel seemed more on target. Can this happen? I only put a quick 80 rds thru the new barrel. Oh and 2 FTEs with the conversion barrel also. Was using the Remington UMCs.