LONG BARREL FOR G-29 : Who wants one?

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by marvin22, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. There's just too much difference to modify one or the other.

    Glock 29 on top. Glock 20 on the bottom.


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  2. 3-4 days from TN to MD

    IIRC is was USPS.

  3. Back from the dead, whats the general consensus on which is the better barrel? Storm Lake or KKM? I'm about to order one
  4. Just ordered a KKM barrel, longer than factory but no 5+ inch, told me it would take an order of 40+ to run them.... lots of folks need to want one, or two... :) If your interested, lets do it! Then maybe a G-20 slide will fit the 29 frame... :)
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  5. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    That is what I would like to see, a complete 6" extended slide & barrel combination for the Glock 29's like they did for the Glock 20's
  6. If they lock the slide to the lower by the locking cut out on the barrel, then a G-29 barrel that is at least 4.60" long "should" fit in a g-20 upper and then lock it all together maybe... When my new g-29 barrel arrives, I will try this out.. fingers crossed...
  7. I would buy one for my G-29 so I could hunt with it.. Just let me know whenever they come on sale.
  8. _The_Shadow

    _The_Shadow Ret. Fireman

    The barrel lug is very different for the G-20 as compared to the G-29...will not interchange SORRY! :dunno:
  9. but, only if it was a minimum of 5"s. Any shorter will not serve my needs!
  10. My StormLake ~4.5" has been near perfect.

    Heavier mass barrel does help with the recoil, thus time-to-second-shot. That's the one reason for an aftermarket barrel for G29.

    The other reason is better barrel support so you can use the cases for more reloads.
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  11. According to my chrono.. U don't lose velocity with ported barrels
  12. I have had the 6" LWD on my 29 for a few months and really like it. Highest velocity and excellent accuracy. It was easy to sell my 20sf after playing with it. I had them do a light ream job to open the chamber and lengthen the leade.
  13. I plan on getting a 6" for my 29 as well
  14. I wasn't available back when I got my extended ported barrel or I'd already have it

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