LONG BARREL FOR G-29 : Who wants one?

Discussion in 'The 10 Ring' started by marvin22, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. Rigormootis

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    To be honest, I just don't see how one would figure a ~4.5" bbl would be a better seller than a 5.6" barrel... do many people actually put cans on their 10mms? I know that some certainly do, but I would guess that there would be a bigger market for those wanting to hunt/achieve significantly greater velocity from their G29s. With a 5.6" G29 barrel, my stock-length SL barrel, and my AA .22lr upper, my G29sf would become a near-do-all backpacking/hunter/plinker sidearm.

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  2. Two Guns

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    Count me in.

  3. Rigormootis

    Rigormootis Semper Gumby

    By chance, did KKM tell you the maximum length they offered? I'd like to get a 5.6" one (barrels have to be >5.5" in WI for hunting). I carry a wheelgun currently for when I'm busting through swamp & dense brush, but I'd like to take my G29 someday.

    I have considered cutting down a G20sf & then buying a G20L upper.... but of course that's the $$$ way to go for basically just a gain in sight radius and better asthetics. I'd rather just drop $150 or so and get a 5.6" barrel for my current G29sf for the few times I'd "need" a longer barrel (and then spend what I "saved" on a 2nd G29sf for the safe)...

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  4. They make all the G29 barrels LONG (I think around 6 inches) and when they get an order they CUT IT. So you can get an extended barrel for the G29.

    Probably best to call first however. The man told me if I ordered it online just write in the comments section how long you want it.

    But call first to see if they have them in stock. They did the other day.

  5. Rigormootis

    Rigormootis Semper Gumby

    Excellent -- thanks. I'll give them a call.
  6. Count me in for something. I want something to drop-in for some high powered loads to pack in bear country, hard cast bullets, 15 round mag of course.
  7. Let us know what they tell you. When Kegs got his, 4.45" was the max they could go on a 29 barrel.
  8. Rigormootis

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    Will do. I emailed them earlier in the weekend...I'll report back when I have an answer.
  9. firemedic1343

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    I'm in for a 5.6" barrel, I'm really only getting this gun for 4 legged critters.

  10. Rigormootis

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    From: kevin@kkmprecision.com
    Subject: Re: KKM Precision: User filled in Contact Us form
    Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2011 07:30:06 -0800

    The longest 29 we make is 4.5".


    So, perhaps Bar-sto, Jarvis, or other?
    Has anyone asked Storm Lake?
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  11. Storm Lake 4.48" Got mine today.
    Bar Sto has one but ported only and 1 threaded does not give length
    Jarvis -nothing in 10mm at all

    Looks like KKM or Storm Lake
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  12. Rigormootis

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    Jarvis used to make a Glock 20 barrel. Back in the late 90s or so, I had a 6" Jarvis barrel for my G20.
  13. i guess what i meant was nothing for the G29. i didn't look at barrels for the G20
  14. Swin howlong did it take?I just ordered mine on Saturday on line.
  15. Maybe the longer barrel just will not fit in the slide? anyone try and place a long 10mm barrel in a g-29 slide? Maybe the barrel would be too long to fit inside the barrel "hole" in the frame and the slot cut for it? Just a thought... I have the KKM stock lenght and it GREATLY increases velocity and no glock smile on my brass.
  16. I think the reason no 6 inch (or 5.5 inch) barrels exist for the Glock 29 is probably not enough demand. KKM makes a 4.5 inch..which is nice...and I have a STORMLAKE on my Glock 29 the same size (4.48) approx as the KKM. I have KKM barrels on some of my other GLOCKS and I like them. Same for STORMLAKE and Lonewolf..they all work well.

    A GLOCK 20 extended barrel (like my 6 inch lonewolf) has different lugs than the GLOCK 29 so they aren't interchangable. (too bad).

    I really love my GLOCK 29....and I just bought another one..In the middle
    of our Kalifornistan 10 day wait right now....:supergrin:

    Its another OD frame..which I like more than basic black.

  17. Try and slide that 6" lone wolf into your 29 frame, just to see if it would have enough clearance,... just a thought....
  18. I removed my 6 inch lonewolf barrel from one of my GLOCK 20s and slid it into my GLOCK 29 slide. No problem. It slides right in.

    Too bad the lugs are different; if they were the same the G20 barrel would run in the G29 slide.

    Bob :supergrin:

  19. GRT45

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    Yup, that's the key, the barrel lugs prevent the swap. Over in the GATE Glock Pistol Forum, our resident expert JR Shepard gave this humorous warning about such an experiment:
    "No can do. The locking lugs of the full size G20 are different than the locking lugs of the compact G29. BTW: If you get it in there, it is going to lock up so tight you will have to pay an advanced Armorer to get it out.... and then he will tack on an additional "stupid" fee for doing so!"
    Ref. Thread: 6" G20 barrell in G29SF?
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  20. That looks Crazy! But if you want to go hunting with your 29, guess thats the only way! Can you take a picture of the two next to each other to display the two types of "Locking Lugs" I'm sure somone attempted to machine a 20 into a 29 if possible

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