Lone wolf G21L problems and LW CS

Discussion in 'Long Slide Forum' started by Dogman 10x, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Runs like a top with WWB and WRngr +p.....

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  2. ET,

    That is a 21L slide:

    Any slide of your choices once clicked on; in the product info you will see a
    Purchase internal parts here
    Purchase barrels here
    They are extra links so you can build the top end you want, without going all over the site.


    Polishing the slide and barrel like that; Labor charge of around $30

  3. Here she is

    20L on a G21SF desert tan
  4. [​IMG] My pics are needing much improvement:whistling:

    However, I am very happy with the LONG SLIDES by LONEWOLF:cool: AND-- this one (21L) was sent to CCR for refinishing. She is done with DURAHIDE (house black). I think she looks like a winner and shoots with 100% reliability. She is equipped with a LONE WOLF .45 Auto 6" BARREL AND I recently added a STORM LAKE 21-10mm barrel. First range trip had great results.:perfect10::usaf:BEST TO DAN at LW

  5. HERE SHE IS--- :supergrin:

  6. Great pics all I am waiting on is the slide to come in then going to send all the parts to DAN the MAN:supergrin: and have her put built and checked out!

    I sure cant wait!
  7. No doubt Lone Wold has the best CS going. Fortunately my 21SF long slide with LWD barrel has been flawless right out of the gate. Also have a LWD 24 long slide with LWD 357 sig barrel and same results. Last but not least is my LWD 34 upper including barrel also on a 19 frame and they are all 3 ectremely accurate and trouble free. But after doing business with them for a while I have never received anything but the best in customer service and their workmanship is as good as it gets. I have pics of all 3 Long slide posted in other listings in the Longslide forum so dont have enough room to post again here..if anyone is interested.:wavey:
  8. For all the guys out there that want a longer then 6” barrel or a long slide with comp, suppressor, flash hider, ect… Thought it was going to be too much but after shooting it! Just right!!!

  9. Ok Dan!! That's bad ass. What's the deal? Specs? Sights? Comp? Etc...

  10. The only thing that is really new is the Barrel, LWD-20L10TH (more info below) 6.61” barrel.

    Still the 20L slide solid, our Lone Wolf 10MM comp, maybe you have not seen the TAS sights; they come in green or red

    This set up offers almost zero muzzle rise and recoil is nothing due to the heavier slide and comp. With the sight, we were using the 6 O’clock hold out to 30yds, more testing will come later.

    Long Slide:

  11. Can this same setup be done on a 21?45? Is it even worth it on the 45acp??

  12. Yes Sir,

    Here is the barrel for it…. http://www.lonewolfdist.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=175326&TERM=lwd-21l45th

    Is it worth it? To me yes, but everyone has there own opinion. You will need to play with ammo and recoil spring poundage, the weight of the slide and efficiency of the comp might be too much with a 17lb recoil spring or heavier.

    Tell you what, I told you it was worth it to me, I already have a tab here, might as well add a barrel and comp to it. I have a custom 45 long slide, as soon as I can, I will shoot a video for you with the LWD-21L45TH and LWD-COMP45. With factory ammo I will tell you what recoil spring I am using and you can see the results. Give me some time; it is “one of those days” here.
  13. Now that I've dried the tears from my eye I can ask a couple questions.

    1.) What finish/treatment is that on the slide? It would make a perfect companion piece to my Kimber Eclipse.

    2.) Who did the work?

    3.) How much did it cost?
  14. JoeCitizen,
    You will need one of our slides:

    You will need it refinished in black:

    Then I polish the three slides of the slide to give it that custom look, or you could do it your self. I think polishing the sides is $35 labor.

    That is the cheapest way of doing it. Dogman 10x had me build the complete slide if I remember correctly (slide, barrel, guide rod and spring, internals, sights) If you already have a Glock you can rob the internals and even sights to keep the cost down but then you would have an empty OEM slide on your hands…. If you have any questions JoeCitizen, just call us, our sales staff will be able to help you with any custom job you are looking for.

    Dogman 10x,
    Going to do that video for you today, LWD-21L45TH barrel and LWD-COMP45. Look for it soon.
  15. Dogman 10x,
    Here is the video of a long slide solid with our new 6” threaded barrel and comp. I was using a 13lb recoil spring; depending on how you hold the gun the 13 or 15 will work with the solid top when using standard ammo. +P ammo you can use a heavier recoil spring. If someone was using weak ammo they would need to drop down to an 11lb spring.

  16. Poohgyrr

    Poohgyrr trout fear me!

    Well, looks good..... :supergrin:
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  17. Have you tested the comp on the 10mm solid top longslide yet?
    Just curious on how it does. I seen the video on gun blast but if I am not mistaken he said he is using DT 135. I just wondered how it worked with 180grain or 200 grain ammo?
  18. For a friend, a few weeks ago I built up a 20L solid slide, 20lb ISM recoil spring, 6" Threaded 10MM barrel with our 10MM comp. When he came over to pick up the slide we test fired Remington 180gr & Blazer 200gr out of the upper. She was a gem to shoot. Depending on how hot the ammo; you can still run heavier recoil springs or step down to lighter ones when using weaker paper punching ammo.

    With the set up above, the spent rounds were coming out about a foot, so a 22lb spring could have caused issues. VERY low muzzle rise; recoil felt like shooting a soft 40 S&W.

    Since then I have built several long slides with the threaded/comp set up. But no one has told me what ammo they were using or how they performed. In my line of business, no news is good news.

    Sorry, only two links to my buddies set up. He is working on graphics now. Guess we are going to custom engrave the whole slide soon.




  19. so I guess I see a 20lb spring in the future along with a threaded barrel if i want to try this set up. I/you have my 22lb one awaiting the slide to get back from re refinsihing. But I would love to try the comp out on the 20L I bet it is sweet for sure! thanks for the links always like gun porn:supergrin:
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  20. 300 rounds thru her this week. Flawless.

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