Lone wolf G21L problems and LW CS

Discussion in 'Long Slide Forum' started by Dogman 10x, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Ok... I hope that this thread about a LW longslide is the correct forum. Three times is the charm as they say...
    I bought a LW G21L complete slide from LW over a year ago. I put the upper on a new G21SF frame and it was anything but reliable. I contacted LW who had their armorer Dan call me. He asked alot of questions then had me send the slide and barrel back on THEIR dime. It came back reliable 98%.... there were also some scratches that were not there before but perhaps happened in shipping. I again talked to Dan who said he would refinish it free of charge. He also changed a few things to make it 100% reliable with the ammo I shoot!
    Well Dan took the project on like it was going to be his masterpiece- and I just got the pics from him tonight and it looks great. He even threw in some extras and then called me. His exact words-" I don't want you or any lone wolf customer , using our products to be anything but 100% happy with our products!"
    He also added that if I still wasn't happy- he would make it right.......

    That's Customer Service for the customer!!!

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  3. Dogman 10x,
    Here are the photos you wanted… Thank you for your patience and business.

    <a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r98/glockm_35/polishedgun.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

  4. deeHKman

    deeHKman "It Is Written"

    Fantastic conclusion. That looks great. I bought some LoneWolf products from JR a L/W barrel for my G20sf and a L/W s/s guide rod with a ISMI 20 # recoil spring. Very reliable with any ammo i shoot just what JR said it would do. So i'm planning a couple more barrels from them and recoil springs at their recommendation.I would also like a longslide as yours. If time i would really appreciate details and about what it would cost me. Congrats, look forward to range report.
  5. :crying:As a new owner of a Lone Wolf 20L with feeding problems, I am happy to find this thread. I have already sent the slide to you, Dan, at the recommendations of Ian and Luke. When you have time to work on mine, I would like to have some engraving done as well. VERY HAPPY with thanks,

    Anthony Frederickson:cool:
  6. nastytrigger

    nastytrigger Mediocre Member

    Good to hear a company that stands behind their product. I love my LWD G34 Slide/Barrel combo.
  7. Poohgyrr

    Poohgyrr trout fear me!

    Thanks for sharing. I know of a group of guys who are not shy about saying what they think, and they recommend Lone Wolf often, I've never know them to mention any complaints.
  8. My 20L came back from Dan and it works VERY WELL on the first range report, which is; LONE WOLF 20Longslide with a KKM 10mm 6" barrel (fitted by Dan) Mounted on a G20SF frame :



    :rofl:thanks dan-------tony
  9. All I am waiting on is the slide to get in stock then I will send all My stuff to DAN to have him put it together I cant wait for sure Very excited about this the wait is a killer though!

    Glad to hear the good report on the 20L for sure!

    Hey ArmedPilot can you post a of your 20L?
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  10. crash_gsxr750

    crash_gsxr750 Arrows first

    that settles it for me, Im going to be getting a G20L slide from LWD

    can you buy a complete slide? So all i have to do is just slip it on and hit the range?

    (it would be going on my G21SF frame)
  11. slide is bare you have to get internals for it, But LW will put it together for you if you want them to.
  12. xaman

    Glad for the OP's happy experience.

    I bought a secondhand G20 with a complete LW long slide and barrel, and had terrible reliability at first. I sent the barrel back to them and asked them to check it and ream it slightly if necessary. I noticed that the fit was exteremely tight, even when completely clean. Got it back in fairly quick order (without any paperwork stating if they had done anything), but they must have because it has been perfect for the first hundred rounds since. Granted, I'm sticking with Georgia Arms FMJ and Double Tap ammo, but everything is nice and smooth now. I'm super happy :D
  13. Xaman,
    Sorry about that, I am very bad about typing up a note as to what I did and how my test results came out.
    FYI for everyone:
    I do the work; chamber, feed ramp, fitting, polishing, ect… Then hand cycle dummy rounds and or test fire live rounds, do any extra “necessary” work, and then return ship. As time goes on, I will get better about explaining what I have done.

    Thank you every one for your fine comments, as Xaman said in his last sentence: “I’m super happy”. And, that is what we want to achieve. All employees here at LWD really do care. Problems are going to happen and what makes the difference is having a customer that can explain the issue, allow time to resolve and give us proper feed back. This way we can produce better product and eliminate “duplicated issues”.
  14. duncan

    Millennium Member Lifetime Member

    Now I'm interested in a G20L.

    Have the G20 with a KKM 6" barrel.

    Could I just buy a LWD complete upper without the barrel?
  15. Here is the link:

    Click on the slide you want and read the product info, there are other links on that page for purchasing internal parts, barrels, and holsters. You can build your new slide any way you want.

  16. Any word on when the G20L solid tops will be in? The site shows an expected delivery date of 3/17/2011, which was yesterday. I missed the boat last time, so I don't want to do it again. Thanks.
  17. xaman


    Thanks Dan. It's working like a champ now, just need to find some more good clean cheap 10mm ammo :rofl:


    I love this gun!
  18. I got a email from ANNA in customer service I ask them and she said they are still on back order and should expect them in a couple of weeks I have one on order so just waiting now!
  19. I was hoping that wasn't the case. I did that dance for 4 months when I ordered my open top G20L slide about a year ago. I kept getting told they'd be there in a couple weeks. Don't get me wrong, it was WELL worth the wait. If it wasn't worth it, I definitely wouldn't be buying another one. I was just hoping to avoid that whole scenario this time. I should probably get my backorder in like you, I don't miss out on the solid top again.

  20. JR said there was a issue with the cuts on the site or something of that nature and to email her so when the 17th got here I did that and now another couple of weeks but as you stated well worth the wait for sure!
  21. ET.



    This has to be the best looking Glock I have ever set my sights on. What would one expect to pay for LW's part of this firearm. I know the internal parts need to be supplied by the gun owner, but the slide, & say the barrel & LW's labor to put it together along with the finishing, added together, what would a rough estimate be on this gun if it was duplicated?

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