Lone Wolf Dist Launches New Glock Receiver

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  1. this is a better worded version of what i said and my experience is in line with these words

    granted i used a dremel however i used old worn out wheels to simulate finer grit and i worked slowly

    also a side effect of this is that my magwell is VERY nicely beveled which aides in reloads

    in my opinion there is no need for an additional magwell because the beveling i did is about what a factory glock with a magwell would have *probably slightly less but in the real world it is near as makes no difference*

    oh and i think i should tell you guys that i did find that the magazine release could be bumped in VERY unlikely circumstances specifically when working in a drivers seat the steering wheel can fairly easily bump the mag out

    i settled on the conclusion that the mag release did not have enough tension my solution was to not fuss with the internals (as LW could and should for production frames) and wrap the grip making sure to go over the off side of the mag release making sure as to not make contact with the "button" side of the mag release with electrical tape

    i found three wrappings to be nice and stiff on the mag release

    oh FYI running factory glocks in a similar way CAN lead to the same problem Agrip remidied this on my 21c

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  2. JR

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    The over sized Mag Release (MR) of the TimberWolf is easily modified to resemble a factory MR by grinding away the round part of the release. Grind off as much of it as you like. Just make sure the face is flush with the frame. If you want a pic send me an email at jr@lonewolfdist.com

  3. no way i love the MR (really should have just done that acronym before writing it a million times) i just wanted the tension stiffer i dont know if this is possible on your end but electrical tape sure does a great job on my end waterproof black and seems to make the fingergroove my middlefinger goes into more comfortable
  4. Has anyone tried to install a ghost rocket in their frame? I have one in the full size proto with no problems and have installed several in other glocks.

    Last night I attempted to install in the compact proto. I used the same procedure as the others. I kept taking off from the tct and the trigger just would not break. I removed the slide and pulled the trigger all the way to the rear and saw that I removed too much of the tct to be used as a stop. But the trigger still would not break. The connector was not bent too far inwards. My .003 gauge went in just fine.

    I pulled my trigger housing from my Full size proto frame(OEM) with its ghost rocket and dropped it into the compact and it worked fine. I then installed the rocket I was having trouble with into the OEM trigger housing. I installed it into the compact frame and it worked fine minus the trigger stop since it was way too short now.

    I'll try to keep my conclusion simple:

    OEM SF trigger housing with Ghost rocket 3.5= trigger break in both full and compact proto frames.
    LWD SF trigger housing with Ghost rocket 3.5= no trigger break in compact and full proto frames.
    OEM and LWD SF trigger housing with Scherer 3.5= trigger break in both proto frames.

    Ghost rocket in my LWD SF housing sample is a no-go. I also tried different trigger bars and two different g19 slides. I cant see what the difference is. It just wont work for me.
    If I want a Ghost rocket in this compact frame I'll have to replace the trigger housing with a OEM. Only thing is, my Ghost Rocket is now junk.
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  5. JR

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    This is an interesting observation. One we have duplicated (to some degree) but our findings are: The failure is more dependent upon the mfg of the connector than the TH.

    I know many of you use the Ghost Rocket connector for the trigger stop capabilities. If you experience a failure such as WDN has described you should be aware LWD incorporated a trigger stop adjustment screw into our TH. This stop screw is infinitely adjustable in or out. You can turn it off or on at will.

    BTW: Arthur, the owner of Ghost will replace an over cut or miss installed GR connector for free.
  6. I emailed Arthur and will wait for his response.

    I will try this again but will use a oem trigger housing since it worked with both Rocket connectors I had. It is interesting that it was a combined issue with the Ghost Rocket and LWD SF housing. I understand that there is a lot of tolerances that can come into play. It may be a slight spec issue on my sample of your trigger housing. I will be ordering an OEM trigger housing from LoneWolf tonight. If you want to through a LWD trigger housing in with my shipment, I would be glad to try it with yours to see if it was isolated with mine. I would first pre-fit it to the OEM.

    Does the screw in the Ultimate trigger housing ever move on it's own?
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  7. JR

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    If you want to try a LWD Ultimate Trigger Stop in the SF trigger housing I can get one for you. Dont place an order for it, send me an email at jr@lonewolfdist.com
    You realize it does no good to mix an LWD-UTS with a Ghost Rocket right? Use a standard TH with a Ghost Rocket or use a LWD-UTS with a standard connector
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  8. yes, they both accomplish the same goal but use a different process. Only need to use one or the other.
    Email on the way. Thanks.
  9. JR

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    There was one complaint regarding UTS set screw movement. A patron of GT posted his UTS set screw backed off? He wanted to Loc-tite it down to prohibit future movement. I responded screw movement would virtually be impossible because the screw hole is undersized and the pressure on the screw is directly to the top of the screw. Loc-tite it if you wish but truthfully, I have built thousands of these and never had one move.
    Email received, response sent.
  10. I sanded the grip on my G38 TW and now the mags fit perfectly. Then I loaded up and shot about 200 rounds. All functions were perfect except the spent brass seemed to want to land on my head or chest. I suppose if my wife was shooting, she would have a built in brass catcher.

    Also tried it with my AA 22 conversion. This turned it into a single shot jam-o-matic. Took off the conversion and noticed it was very dirty. I will give it a good cleaning and try again.
  11. Tried the clean 22 conversion and it still will not function. Put the conversion on my G23 and it works perfectly. Don't know if the problem is with the lower or the G38 parts that are different.
  12. The conversion is made to fit a g19,23,38. But, do you have an ejector from a 9mm or a .40 you can try? Are you using CCI mini mags?
    Good luck.
  13. I can swap the ejector this evening. I'll look, but no promises on the mini mags.
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    When you say the gun will not function what exactly do you mean? At what point does it fail to function?
    Will the AA upper slide onto the frame? Will it cycle by hand? Does the trigger work?
  15. Installs fine. Insert mag. Pull the slide back and let it go. Stops short of closing. Light finger pressure on the back of the slide will close it. Fire first round. Fail to extract. Remove round with pocket knife. Remaining rounds are pretty much the same. Might get 1 to eject or even fully cycle but no more than that. Take it off the TW lower and put it on my G23 lower and it works perfectly.
  16. JR

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    Can you feel anything dragging on the slide? Something internal is touching the slide prohibiting it from function
  17. Install a 9mm ejector and tried it again. Ammo was Federal bulk. Did not have to push the slide closed but still wouldn't extract. Loaded up 5 mini mags and it worked perfectly. Reinstalled 45 GAP ejector and got 4/5 to extract and 2 to fully cycle. Looks like it must be the 45 GAP ejector.

    Also, the AA kit only states that it is for G19, 23, 25, and 32. This must be why.
  18. Yes, but Mini Mags are a little hard to come by lately
  19. JR

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    I appreciate you taking a systematic approach to defining and locating the actual cause. Looks like you have narrowed the possible failure causing issues down to ejector and/or full power ammo?

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