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    I received my frame and put it together G19 and ran some reloading and presentation drills. The magazine release was a big issue with me. I had several accidental releases just doing drills. The magazines also came loose multiple times while carrying it concealed around the house in an infidel.

    I mentioned several pages back in this thread I thought the mag release may be an issue for me. The magazine release does not have anything to protect it from accidental activation. The factory Glock frames have a small ledge behind the release running along the bottom of the thumb recess. This aids in protecting against accidental release. I have removed the ledge on some customers frames per their request. With this modification along with an extended mag release and the factory Glocks will exhibit the same accidental mag release issue under certain conditions.

    In all fairness I have been around the full sized LW frames and done some of the same drills and not had an issue with the release. It seems to be related to the compact frames as far as for me.

    This was what I observed with my frame and I also reported this to LW. The frame itself and all other factors of it are excellent. Fit and finish we're outstanding and I think it was well executed.

    This was my evaluation and opinion and nothing more. If the magazine release is addressed and or updated on future version of the frame I would not hesitate to purchase another one. The LW frame is truly a step up from the factory glock frame, and I think they are going to do well.

    The magazine release issue I have with it is a deal breaker for me. I wanted to offer it up to someone else for them to evaluate and enjoy. TXPO

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  2. JR

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    WDN: Any chance you can provide a measurement of your rail width from 3 locations (back, middle, front)? Maybe send me a quick video showing the fit issue?
    Khamill2000: Yours is the first G38 I have heard of. I cant understand why the frame would prohibit the magazine from seating? try removing the top end and seating the mag a few times. You will be able to get a new view of the mag seating. If the frame needs trimmed I would like to do this work myself.
    TexasPOff: No worries, contact Dan at dshepard@lonewolfdist.com. Let him know your issue with the MR and ask for his version of the factory MR. The MR is a usually a training issue and this is our fix for it.

  3. WDN


    I'll try to email you video. Do you have a GLO-3166 in stock that you can try on your prototype?
    Back 0.0809
    Middle 0.810
    Front 0.808

    Large Frame Proto low 100's serial#:
    Back 0.827
    Middle 0.835
    Front 0.825

    Video sent to jr and zack
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  4. The grip just seems to be a little too long. I pulled the top end off and still have the same issue. Also tried a 23 mag and it seats just as hard. The base plate is making contact with the bottom of the grip before the mag is fully seated. I can try to put up some pics when I get home this afternoon.
  5. JR

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    WDN: We will make the rail a little larger on the regular run but as you can see in this video [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CS4y580GgXg"]Compact timber wolf - YouTube[/ame] even the Glock OEM rails have issues.
  6. First pic. LW frame with slide removed and mag inserted.


    Second pic. Glock frame with slide on and mag inserted.


    Third pic. Both Glock and LW frames. The Glock still has the slide on and the LW has the slide off.

  7. did not contribute to thread

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    We'll I wasn't totally accurate with my first post it seems. All my mags are drop free but they don't all seat well. Sorry, I just gave them a quick check without the mag release installed to see if they had a drop free issue. (working a ton of hours and just wasn't ready for full review) I have the same problem as khamill2000 with a lot of G19 mags. If they do seat, they have to be slammed home extra hard.

    Same as the pictures he posted. The angle just isn't the same as Glock mags. Front of mags hit the frame.

    The front of frame will have to be relieved. The only issue with that would be the proper fit of the lonewolf magwell. You would be reducing the rail thickness and cause a loose fit. I don't see myself using a magwell on that frame. I tried but you would need little kid hands for it to work.

    I also feel the mag release may be too loose. It's not flush with the inside of the mag.(where the mag spring attaches) The nose of the mag slams into it at times. My concern would be that some mags have some of the steel liner exposed at the nose. That may start to cause deterioration of the mag release.
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  9. Picked up my frame today!
    Everything went together perfectly.
    I LOVE the way the frame fits my hand! Off today, so I carried the pistol around the house in an ITP holster all day and did not have any mag release issues.
    I DID notice that while most of my mags are fine, a couple will not latch (or require excessive pressure). When I separated the mags that wouldn't work I noticed that they were older, all of the good mags were new gen 4 mags. I've never noticed a difference in Glocks but maybe there is a slight difference in tolerances that is causing the problems...
    I have not had a chance to try a weapon light on it yet, but I will soon.

    More to follow as I run it.....
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  10. rkrk

    Put frame together and 100 rounds through it as well

    Went together fine, function check without concern, no sig unusual play between slide and frame, TLR-1 fits well with a slightly greater amount of play when attached compared to stock frame.

    Very comfortable to grip, points well, controls are what I would expect and manipulated without problem

    All mags drop free but NOT all mags would seat with equal ease. Three of the mags have the notch about 2-3/32 of an inch higher and these seat without problem. The other five I tried would seat but only with sig force. I tried to file one of the base plates on the mal-functioning mags without success.

    I wonder if my mags are out of spec or the mag release is a bit off where it might be optimally. I don't recall if any of the mags are not factory glock mags. All mags have functioned without problem in my Gen 3 G23.

    When using the three mags that seat well there were no problems shooting aside from getting hit in the face with brass once out of the 100 rounds I put through it. Everything else was ejected to 4 or five oclock.

    My only other concern is that I put the gun into my blackhawk serpa holster only to almost not be able to get it out. I may have missed the info that said don't do it but I thought the Timberwolf was compatible with any holster that a stock glock would fit in - not the case and I am glad I got the gun out without having to cut the holster apart to do so.

    I will have to email photos of the mags to JR if desired

  11. hey does anyone else's rails bend out at a diagonal i just checked my 21c and it does not do this it doesnt look like much maybe 11deg above the x axis
  12. WDN


    Post a picture.
  13. Received mine and set it up. The only issue I have encountered is with 13-round 40sw mags not seating properly. I encountered the same issue as KHamill2000.

    Email sent to Zack with more detail.

  14. i have the same problem as walker with non gen 4 mags in g19 format however i also get gnarly blood blisters from the pinch between the floorplate and magwell

    also what is zach's email/ what did he do to take care of you guys
  15. Originally JR said he wanted to do the trimming on mine. I don't know if that still stands since this issue seems to be more wide spread. I havent heard anything and don't expect to hear anything until after the holidays.
  16. I built my Timberwolf Compact with all OEM Glock 19 parts. The latest gen magazines work fine in my frame. All parts fit well and the rail is straight. I don't have a light to try out on the rail, but might be able to locate one soon. I need to find some time to put some rounds downrange.

  17. I have not built my frame yet, because I don't have all of the parts, but i tried the slides from my other three gen. 3 G19's on it and they slid on nice and straight.

    The Glock light is a bit loose on the accessory rail and rattles around a bit.
  18. WDN


    Do the slides seem a bit loose compared to your G19's. My proto rails are smaller than my 2 G19's creating a sloppy frame/slide fit up. On a defensive gun, it may be fine. On a competition gun, to loose for me. I would rather the rails be over-sized and fit the slide myself. I can make them smaller but I cant make them bigger.

    I did take mine out and shot it with target and defensive ammo. No malfunctions. Haven't been able to post my final opinions yet. Maybe this weekend.
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  19. I'll try it again, but without the parts and locking block I'm not sure I will get a good feel for how loose the slide is. I'll report back tomorrow.
  20. Are these still unavailable? I have been reading that this frame has been in the works since at least early 2010... I inquired about the compact since I handled the full size frame at a gun show a few months back and have been told on several occasions that it would be available by Christmas, and if not, certainly by the first of the year.

    Are the ones you guys are receiving and posting about still the prototype units? And how can there be so many problems with something that is so similar to the full size, and has been 3 years in the making? I guess I am just bummed to hear these things since I really thought I had found the answer to my CC needs

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