Lone Wolf Dist Launches New Glock Receiver

Discussion in 'Sponsor Showcase' started by Eric, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. man oh man i cannot wait to shoot the snot out of this lower

    and again sorry for the small hijack but i love me some nightmare grinds

    and that CF is awesome did you get tuffthumbz to do it for you or mick

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  2. The are all original Mick Strider Customs. No reason to have Jason mess with it.

    Some more of My Striders.:supergrin:

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  3. We have 4 left right now.. if you are on the fence you should act now.
  4. TexasPOff

    TexasPOff "Dump The Hump"

    Mine is ordered as well. Looking forward to it. TXPO
  5. damien

    damien Not the Omen

    Thanks again for doing this. I have a proto from the 1st run. Love it. Ordered this too. Darn, I shouldn't have traded the G19 upper I had.
  6. WDN


    Thanks goes out to JR for putting out this special.

    Got my shipping notice.:cool:
  7. WDN


    JR, I believe these frames are no different then the full size, they require a slim frame trigger housing?

    From your website listed under the compact frame,
    " The Timberwolf frame includes the basic parts unique to it: round mag catch and two grips. All remaining Gen3 Glock factory parts are standard "fit and function". Drop them in, perform the basic safety function test and you are ready to go."
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  8. JR, just want to say thanks for your offer, and your support of this forum....

    Much appreciated!

  9. JR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    The LWD web site verbiage is a little confusing. Sorry.
    Yes the Compact and Full Size TimberWolf frames use the SF trigger housing. Right now, LWD will include the LWD manufactured SF trigger housing with each frame purchased.
    BTW: You can remove the ejector from any Gen3 or Gen4 trigger housing and slip it into the LWD SFTH. We expect to have our own ejectors in the next week so this post is almost a moot point.
  10. alright i am just double checking but i have not gotten a shipping notification

    i assume this is because i was one of the last orders and you guys simply have not caught up to the demand but i dont want my lower sitting around my ffl either
  11. JR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    Heads up: Your frame will not ship if LWD does not have an FFL to ship it to. I know we have 50+ frames on hold waiting for FFLs to arrive. We will only hold the orders a few more days waiting and then your order will be cancelled and the frame given to the next guy in line.
    If you submitted an FFL to ship to you are in good hands. If not, you had better get it in to LWD ASAP
  12. ok i gave the adress/name/number of my ffl in the notes as instructed by LWD's description but someone mentioned needing it to be on record with you guys and i am fairly sure i don't have that

    thanks for the help i dont want to be "that guy" but i also REALLY want this frame
  13. JR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    If you submitted the FFL contact information to LWD we would notify the FFL we need their BATF number and/or a emailed copy of the FFL.
    UNFORTUNATELY not all FFL holders see the need to promptly fulfill this request. Your order will be delayed in most cases. This time we simply can not wait. You will need to stay on the FFL holder and see that the copy gets sent. It would be a great benefit to the FFL holder if you included the LWD email address with your request to transfer the firearm (saving all of us VALUABLE time1)
  14. WDN


    Picked up my frame a couple of days ago. Finally able to sit down and take a serious look at this after working some crazy hours.
    First impressions:
    Finish looks very nice and smooth. I think it looks much nicer than the full size proto frame. Very impressive. You'll like it.
    Backstraps engage very solid. They hold tighter than the full size with the recent production backstraps.
    All my mags drop free.
    The improved rail system is a no go on my frame. I have a Glock tac light and it is extremely loose. It rocks left and right and moves foreword and backwards. A lot. My light fits all my other Glocks and my original prototype frame nice and snug. I hope this is not the case with the production frames. I hope a better grade light, like a TLR2, will fit. A Glock light should have worked with a glock replacement frame.
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  15. Got mine yesterday. Put it together last night. (G38)
    First impressions:
    Slide has a little more side to side movement than my Glock factory guns.
    Mags are not drop free when loaded.
    Mags are difficult to seat. Looks like I need to trim about 1/16" off the bottom mag well area.
    Feels very good.
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  16. I can't belive I just saw a guy putting his compact lower whitch he just got up for sale here on the classified section.
  17. Wow looking for more feedback over the new lower anyone??
  18. Haven't received mine yet, should be in Tue.
    Ill try to post some observations then..
  19. rkrk



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