Lone Wolf Dist Launches New Glock Receiver

Discussion in 'Sponsor Showcase' started by Eric, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Ah the anticipatin is killing me. But since I have watched the timberwolf from the start I can't wait to get my hands on the first proto of the g20/21 version. If i may I'd really like to get the first one offerd as the prototype with of course the #1 as its designated run number. Can you say I'm patiently been literaly waiting years for this to happen, ;)

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  2. Tazz10m

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    Brooks Tactical makes an AGrip to fit it. Just use the same model AGrip on your Lone Wolf frame that you would use if the frame was a Glock frame.


  3. Has anybody tried this. The lonewolf frame is a different grip angle and slightly different size.
  4. Just wondering.

  5. JR

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    We have a couple hundred Compact frames in hand now! There is a slight problem, I am leaving for the SAR show in Phoenix in an hour. I do not have time to put together a special introductory offer for you guys today. I will try to get something up this weekend.
    If you would like to see the NEW Compacts first hand please feel free to stop by our booth at the SAR Gun Show in Phoenix AZ this weekend. We are set up in the MG building. Just look for the "Toy Hauler" mobile trailer display. (pretty hard to miss it)
  6. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to it.


  7. That's awesome JR! Looking forward to the offer over the weekend.
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  8. oh god yes put me down for two ... maybe three
  9. JR, where are you planning to post this special? On this board or on your own website? Also, henceforth will all of you Timberwolf frames have the special Nickel Boron finish? Have you made a decision on this?
  10. FFL is now on record with Lone Wolf. One step closer...

  11. gahh JR you're killing me here man i thought that there was going to be a deal by now and i also ask doodi1's question

    i know your a busy man but jeez

    and doodi1 i cannot stop lookin at your striders what are they a recurve and a nightmare grind bowie
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  13. Awesome! Very excited to get the frame and test it out. I have the parts and ammo ready to go.
  14. Awesome. Placed the order already! Thanks for the heads-up, and wish I could have bought 2 of them.:cool:
  15. Order is in.

    Looking forward to it

  16. Tacdriver, I have a whole bunch of them (Striders) but the two in my Avatar are my two custom XL's. Enjoy the pictures and sorry for the small Hijack. :embarassed:

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  17. We are already down to 84 frames in a couple hours.. better get your order in soon if you want one 208.448.0600
  18. We are down to 48 as of this typing and going fast..
  19. Sounds like lots of people were waiting for this, I know I have been for a long time...
  20. RottnJP

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    Woot! Order in- Sounds like just in time...

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