Lone Wolf Dist Launches New Glock Receiver

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  3. I know we've built him both a 9mm,.40, and 40-9 setups but I'm not sure which one is in this particular video. If I had to guess I'd say it was the 34 we built.

    You can pm him the question and I'm sure he'd answer you.
  4. LWD Armorer

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    Al Swearengen,
    The two pins above the trigger guard. One, trigger pin (larger of the two, closest to the trigger guard); this pin should not be working its way out. The slide stop lever is locked in with the trigger pin. Make sure it is installed correctly. Two, locking block pin (smaller of the two, positioned highest above the trigger); is this a used pin? You are the first to say the pin is moving. All (if they say anything) state the pins are tight.

    Might be best to give me a call so we can work this out over the phone, if you like.

    If you look at the first start of the video it states; “TimberWolf Frame, New Lone Wolf G34 Top End too!” He is using Lone Wolf frame, slide, barrel, and any other parts we make.

    The issue was with the “PROTO” frames. With the production frames all these issues were resolved. The only thing I can think of is maybe they received the old back straps and mag catch. This can no longer happen due to all older parts have been tossed in the garbage.
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  5. Appreciate the reply, I figured out what happened. When the gun smith switched everything over he got oil happy and it found it's way into the pins, this is to say he reassembled it correctly from the beginning which I believe he did although you would know more than I. When the pins worked loose was after the first 10 rounds I noticed them both out about 1/4 to 3/8th of an inch so I pulled them out and re installed them top pin first then bottom pin and of course degreased the pins and pin channels and they aren't moving any longer.

    At first I installed the bottom pin first and had problems with the slide lock activating every couple shots, but I looked up the install data and I saw where the top pin must go in first, so I'm hoping all's well.

    BTW this is a new gun with only 400 rounds through it so the pins are new.
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  6. thanks for the replies solvability and LWD armorer.

    I am looking forward to the production frame that will accommodate the G23.

    Any estimate as to when?

  7. TexasPOff

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    I am waiting to see the G23/19 Lonewolf frames myself. What I would really like to talk JR into building, just cause I want Two or three real bad is Lonewolf frame that has the full length grip 17/22, but uses the 19/23 slide and barrels. I know kinda oddball compared to most folks wanting the longer slide on the short grip. TXPO.
  8. Anyone try the LW PRO trigger kit?
  9. Any ETA?
  10. JR

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    We are working on it now
  11. Thanks


  12. How is it going? Sorry to keep asking but patience has never been my strength.

  13. JR

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    The LWD 23 Rapid Prototype should be in hand next week
  14. TexasPOff

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    Ok so are you offering a beta on these as well are they expected to be production ready upon release. I would defiantly be interested on one of these. TXPO
  15. JR

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    We have to wait & see how that develops
  16. Every time I shoot my G23 I shoot a 1911 afterward and think how great it would be to have the LW frame on my Glock.

    Looking forward to it

  17. JR

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    Should have pics of the new LWD TimberWolf 19/23 frame soon. I will try to get them to you on this link next week
  18. I bought this frame new, four days ago. It is serial AAA 39#. I'm trying to figure out what is going with it. I bought all new Glock parts from Lone Wolf to complete the frame. The only used part is the trigger, I thought I had a new one in my parts bin. I was wrong, I'm going to order a new one in my next order.
    It appears the front slide rails are too high, is there anything I can do to fix this?

  19. [​IMG]
    Also the trigger is not resetting as it should.
  20. JR

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    You didn't purchase it from LWD 4 days ago. The AAA-(pre)100 frames have been out of production for some time. These issues have been resolved.

    I doubt anybody here can help you but its worth a try I guess?

    After you get tired of trying to fix it here, try contacting Zack at LWD direct zack@lonewolfdist.com Maybe he can hook you up with a current run frame?

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