Lone Wolf Dist Launches New Glock Receiver

Discussion in 'Sponsor Showcase' started by Eric, Oct 26, 2008.

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    looks good, just sent you a PM.

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  2. I'm a fan of the Coyote brown ones you posted, not too shabby!

  3. Has anyone bought a production frame - I am thinking about it - are all the issues solved - drop free mags/premature release of mags/backstrap release/warpage of the dustcover/rails wrong height? I would like one if the QC is there on the production frame?
  4. Lone Wolf wouldn't release a production frame if it had any of those problems, all those have long been taken care of, if you read the thread you would know this.

    lsbigdog those look great, although i cant stand the black backstrap on the FDE one, if it was tan itd be soooooo much sexier. great work on the finishing, i might have to send you one to be done too sometime
  5. I built a custom G22 on a production Timberwolf frame. I works great. I've put over 200 rounds through it so far and it has no problems. I like the flat grip config the best.
  6. thanks. It's up to the customer but I agree.
  7. I have a production frame on the way - look forward to shooting it.
  8. Just assembled my TimberWolf frame, I can remove the magazine without even pressing the release. Tried with 2 magazine release springs and 3 magazines. I promise I didnt goober up the assembly, I'm a certified gunsmith and posess a glock armorers certification. Little help?
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  9. LWD Armorer

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    PM Sent....
  10. Got my production frame in today and set it up - no issues - went to the range and ran it with a G17 topend - ran great - looks like the issues are well address - I had no problem with the mag release but it is rather light - mags easily drop free - look forward to putting more rounds downrange.
  11. LWD Armorer, I have emailed you twice about the magazine catch letting the mag loose every time I fire and my back straps sliding loose every time I fire twice now over a one month period. I haven't heard anything back from you. I'll purchase the parts, not looking for a handout. But I do need to know how to get them. Please?
  12. I'm finally getting my proto frame running full time, what do I need to do to get the updated back straps and mag release?
  13. EDCholsters

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    Please excuse the shameless plug, but I make kydex rigs..and the timberwolf is one of my options.

  14. oef24

    Email LW and they will take care of you. I ordered the updated back straps and mag release. They shipped them out to me at no cost in record time. My Proto is running top!

  15. LWD Armorer

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    I was out of the office sick for a while... Replacement parts were sent today, you should receive them shortly. PM was sent.
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  17. One in Sniper Grey
  18. Email them and they will take care of you! Just tried the modded mag release and a world of difference. :cool:

  19. Just had a LW receiver put on my G17 and it's real nice, only problem i'm having is the two pins above the trigger guard are coming loose and working their way out as i shoot, any ideas on a fix for this?
  20. Anyone know what kind of barrel he is shooting? A 40 to 9 conversion?

    I could almost make it out.

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