Lone Wolf Dist Launches New Glock Receiver

Discussion in 'Sponsor Showcase' started by Eric, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Hackett,
    The AR lowers will come in in around 10 days.
    Our Timber Wolf lowers (Glock replacement frames) should be in the end of Feb.

    Here is a small video of our carbine shooting. Better videos will come out later.

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  2. Since the SF models seem to be fraught with problems - you would sell the crap out of these in the large frame (G20 & G21) and Sub compact (G29 & G30) if they were actually in spec unlike Glocks current crop of SF frames.

    I know you are working hard on the first model now, but if Glock doesn't get it together you could probably sell a gun built with all your products that actually works as advertised and does not have the current Glock issues.

  3. This is what we have planned so far:
    Full Size 9,40,357 lowers now
    Next, Compact 9,40,357
    Then Full Size 10,45

    After that, I have no idea.
  4. Very good news - I have 3 of your barrels in my 10mm's and love your products.

    As to your "after that, I have no idea" - Compact 10, 45 pretty please.
  5. I would really like to see a pistol cartridge carbine (one of these lowers) chambered in something like 10MM, .40 Super, .460 Rowland. :whistling:

    Now I would really like to see a small PDW style Semi auto Bullpup chambered in 10MM, .40 Super.:wow:

  6. Should I cross my fingers? LOL!

    Maybe I'll just order some of the other parts while I wait.... :D
  7. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    That is why I was hoping LWD would go to building frames for the G20 G21 next after these new ones hit the market. I could get a frame and build me a Mechtech with one in 10mm.
  8. nyvp

    I called they were talking end of 2010 time for the .45's
  9. :wow: Holly Cow!!!!!!!!! I've been looking for just this. I have a RRA LAR9 but unsatisfied with the magazine situation. I am all over this and want one ASAP. Come Monday I want to order a stripped lower.:faint:
  10. How bout a single stack glock lower. of course that would mean new magazines.

    Okay how about a Timber Wolf Judge that shoots 45lc and 410? It worked to taurus:)
  11. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    that's good, I am in no hurry, I still have a Glock 29 to get sometime, if a CETME doesn't get in the way. Seems there is always something getting in the way of me doing the Glock 29.
  12. Bullman:
    I'm not real up to date on this Mechtech option, you mentioned, so can ya fill me in a little, or do you maybe have a link to their website you can post for me?

    I'm curious to know if one of these Mechtech carbine conversions would be a good short range hunting platform, Does it mount a Holo-Sight/scope very well on it and would it really compare well Vis/Vis just using a 10MM AR platform for SD/HD and short range hunting, or is it just the good economics and logistics of turning one gun into 2 that you like?




    Just spit-balling an idea here Dan, and I'm sorry for the topic twist but . . .

    Seeing as how LWD is breaking all the molds lately *PUN INTENDED*
    How about doing some molding of a SB BullPUP or a Glock 10MM? GF Based Bullpup Conversion?

    For SD/SHTF/Survival types of purposes where I live; because of
    "The illegality issues" in owning a SBR here, I'm finding it just impossible to beat a compact Bullpup PKG and if you can combine this W/a HI- on board -CAP of say like a FNP90/Thomson's/AK's/AR's Drum's/Beta MAG's holding 50 to 100+rnds? Then WOOO HOOO! build a HI-CAP Bullpup PDW in a potent cal. that works for both SD and Deer/Hog Hunting W/O too much recoil for fast follow up SD shooting

    N.D. Why not just go W/a AR like every one else?

    The only Tac. AR's that suit me are the forbidden SBR's . . . I'm short W/short arms and I like a very short compact (overall length) ergonomic stocked weapon PKG "especially in very tight home/vehicle situations & and that means I can only "Legally" go W/a BULLPUP PDW type carbine, for my needs even though the trigs almost
    always su** nasty pond water! "HINT! HINT!" :whistling:

    "If some one will build it!?" (total PKG.)to be competitive with the AR or even at a lower price then (us munchkins) "they will come" and (we) "they will buy it!" (Buying it Probably in droves that would also include lots of big people too!)


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  13. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    Lone wolf sells the CCUs on their website

    I just figured it would be cheaper than the AR route, plus this was before I knew that Lone Wolf was selling lowers that took Glock 10mm mags. Check them out for yourself.

  14. Thank you very kindly for providing the link that was WAY Cool! :wavey:

    N.D. :supergrin:
  15. Bullman

    Bullman Deranged Deputy

    glad I could help. There was one member on here that had fitted his with a folding Uzi stock, it looked awesome.
  16. A folding stock does sound pretty good . . . :tempted:

    For a handy light Hunting carbine PKG that would even work well for a back packer.

    Hey! Just for S&G's have you seen the Magpul Proto. foldable Glock conversion, if you haven't seen it check it out on You Tube it folds up to the size of a day planner its really really cool too bad they would be NFA AOW even if they did put it into production we couldn't get one!!! :crying:

    Now to get what I want I just need a CO. to produce a compact Bullpup PKG (BP is only way to get a shouldered NFA OAl Firearm Legaly in MI.:whistling:) that can fit the PDW hi cap needs ala the FNP90 as well as being able to serve the short range big game hunting role and then I'm all set!

    One weapon than serves to perform other needed tasks is one I definitely want to base my kit on when TSHTF!

    Thanks again!

  17. wganz

    Been about a week. Any updates?
  18. Ghostrider_911

    Ghostrider_911 Ghostrider_911

    Hi JR, will you be adding any texture to the front of the trigger guard at all (aestheic purposes more than anything else)?

    I can see that I'd still have areas of the frame stippled to increase grip-texture (mostly the current smooth areas) and reduce the beavertail (don't need it), but love the rest of the design.

    Looking forward to your "GLOCK" frames. Looks like they will be priced right too.

    Last question, the lower receiver/frame serial numbers, I don't suppose we can have these made to correspond, or be similar to the factory GLOCK upper (say with an LWD suffix or similar)?
  19. That sounds like a big PITA to do or keep track of!

    Anything that streamlines them being ready for purchase is a win in my book!

    Can't wait to have one in my hands, though I know I need to order a 3 pin locking block and mag catch at the same time.
  20. Ghostrider_911

    Ghostrider_911 Ghostrider_911

    If there is a will, there is a way. I'm not asking for you, I'm asking for me.

    I like parts that match as a complete weapon, as opposed to "lego building" in general (same way I don't buy multiple AR uppers for a single lower).

    Thanks for your opinion anyway. :supergrin:

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