Lone Wolf Dist Launches New Glock Receiver

Discussion in 'Sponsor Showcase' started by Eric, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. :wow: don't mind me while I drool. bought a g36 today, but not gonna stay awake waiting on that one. Just get the 21's going :cool:

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  2. sgtlmj

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    Thank you sir. Excellent pics. :wavey:

    I'm more interested in this than the Gen-4 Glock as well.

  3. JR

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  4. ScrappyDoo

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    For the lesserly-smart members among us, could ya 'splain how his works? Ya buy a bunch a parts and assemble a Glock? Is it therefore a quasi-Glock? What else would one need? thanks!
  5. sgtlmj

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    It's a stripped frame. It probably comes with the mag catch, since those are proprietary to the design, but you'd either buy a lower parts kit or take the parts from an existing Glock. You can then stick your slide on it, or build one of those up from scratch as well, since LWD has slides and all the parts you need. Great concept from a great company. They'll be seeing a lot of my money once these frames are out. I loved Legos as a kid. :supergrin:
  6. JR

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    Perfect explanation!

    If you ever wanted to try a grip reduction or wondered what it would be like to build your own Glock pistol...... this frame will allow you to accomplish your wishes
  7. Got all the parts ready for the frame and the uppers. When are you planning on doin the testing?
  8. JR

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    Very soon. We rolled the latest, greatest version out of the molds yesterday. Plan to run a few rounds through it today. If all goes well we should have the proto version ready for delivery mid to late February.
  9. Build an AR and then a Glock Building... perfect !! And Glock design is soooo simple. It's so easy a wolf man can do it.

    It would be really cool, if we can have a package deal for similar cost to Glock guns. How much are these frames supposed to be any way....(Goes off to use a "Search" function.)
  10. Hmmmm... I found a post that said around 200$ for frame.... (Not from JR..mind you. did JR ever post the price ?)


    200 - LW frame.
    83 - lower part kit. (GLOCK factory)
    112 - slide part (GLOCK factory)
    174 - G17 LW slide
    100 - G17 LW barrel

    Total : $669 ?? + tax + blah blah...

    That's a great pricing...considering you can forgo the stock pieces and go custom if you want from the word-go. You can opt to do long slide G19 or some thing like that for few clams more. All this with better ergo of the LW frame.

    Not bad...not bad at all...

    JR : how about offering 10% off if we order a whole package ! that would get people going !
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  11. ScrappyDoo

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    actually I was gonna say 20% if you bought the whole package and I would pay right away.
  12. Any updates on this?
  13. ive got the money sitting in my bank account just waiting until they release these...i thought about going through my department for a new glock frame but after i saw this-its all i can think about now!
  14. Good luck, they have moved back the release date numerous times, and the website has mentioned coming soon forever!
  15. yeah i downloaded the new products pdf file on their website and it says the new receiver is coming in Feb. 09...its a lil past Feb 09 but im keeping my fingers crossed!!
  16. Point taken, but we've now seen the actual proto type at shot. So, I think we have some good indication that this is coming sooner rather than later...
  17. Can't wait to order mine this month and get the ball rolling on a custom to add to the collection!
  18. Sorry in advance for the ramble:

    You can always hope they follow it all the way through to production, and then keep on going but I've seen some pretty awesome products promised to the public sometimes for several years, and then seen the Working Proto-type, then the end product, arrives & gets
    pre - release tested by the gun mags, and LEO's, and Govt. agency's and all of a sudden the product that everyone was so excited about just goes away, (IE; The AA 12 shotgun lowest recoil impulse of any shotty I've ever seen, supposed to have been offered in a civie semi. auto version many years ago.*I really wanted an needed this one but nooooo!*:crying:) or is produced but restricted to official LEO. Gov't / Mil. use, :steamed: (another full auto magazine and Drum fed 12Ga shotty that was supposed to be offered to civies in semi. but was Produced only in full auto and restricted to LEO an Govt. then banned from import or sale to the civies. in the U.S.A.) and the list goes on and on like this going back to when I was a kid, now I'm not saying that these types of things will happen here, it's not as parallel of a subject really; I'm just saying I've gotten so used to the disappointment of an upcoming product that I really really really WANT!!! never even Arriving, on stage so to speak, so I usually just wait till the fat lady sings "THEN" I get all geeked up or not, "If" . . I like the song she's singin; that is.:whistling:

  19. Vaporware. This thread started in 2008. Advertising something for two years and it isn't even available. Generally a good company but I have lost a lot of respect for them with this move.
  20. I have been emailing with JR, and though the release has been limited to this point, he assures me that they will be fully available soon.

    I have faith that this product will come to fruition.

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