Lone Wolf Dist Launches New Glock Receiver

Discussion in 'The SHOT ShowCase' started by Eric, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Just two little things,
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    If the laser is offset by 0.75 of a inch then it should clear most pistol silencers as the common diameter is 1.38 (AAC Evolution .45 is 1.38, SWR HEMS2 .45 is 1.375 and the Gemtech Blackside .45 is 1.37) leaving about 0.12 of a inch, which might(no experience) be enough.
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    If you could get the laser to be a pulse type like Lasermax’s, then you should get a more visible laser with twice the run time.
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    Your looking good, just some thoughts since you appear to still be in the design phase and could therefore implement changes.

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  2. MOHAA Player

    MOHAA Player Guest

    Same here,I would buy one for my G21SF if they make one.

  3. Thanks, JR! I might just travel to Tulsa to get my hands on one,
  4. I was thinking that I could use another 9mm/40/.357SIG/etc. and 10mm/45ACP frame for competition use, but then I realized that none of the mag funnels would fit.

    May have some use for one in the future if they work like Glock frames, and not like the metal aftermarket ones that really need to be built up into a pistol by a gunsmith.
  5. 4TS&W


    I'd like to see them side by side with Glock frames...
  6. That sounds like an awesome idea!!!! Single stack lower that would accept 19 or 17 slides! :rock:
  7. Why...Why....make a copy from a glock for $300, ..for that money of I prefer to get the original.
  8. JR's said a couple of times that they're shooting for sub $200.

    Because if you combine this frame with a Mech-Tech CCU w/ collapsable stock it would fulfill that roll and run you about $550? Just a thought.
  9. Hey JR,

    By the looks of how this thread has grown in a few short days and most if not all of the posts are +1...

    I would have to say as long as your frame functions as described, you and yours will have quite a hit and turn quite a profit in a relatively short time ...

    Best of luck - thanks for the info, finally got it in email yesterday ... as a matter of fact I have product incoming - It's good to be a vendor for Lone Wolf products :wavey:
  10. BuckyP

    Lifetime Member

    There are those that really like the GLOCK deisgn, but don't believe they are perfect.

    • The intergal laser is appealing. The CTC's are awesome, but they do add bulk. I'm sure the Laser Max is a good unit as well, but I prefer it to be activated when I grip the gun.
    • Many of us that really choke up on the gun, tend to get bit by the slide. This makes the beaver tail appealing.
    • Some don't like the grip angle (I've come to like it).
    • A lot of us don't like the spacing on the finger grooves on the compact models, so we're hopeful that the compact will version will have full size finger groove spacing. (Sorry to those that don't like the grooves at all).
  11. i really like it.

    i too am interested in a custom SN to make it more personal. with what you guys already offer, do you plan on offering a full on LWD Pistol?
  12. Zell

    Zell IrregularMember

    I like my Glocks the way they are now.
  13. KaPPaBaLL

    KaPPaBaLL MemberScratcher

  14. Why would you want one of this for..it is too expensive $299..then you have to buy the slide and the barrel..you are going to espent more than the actual cost of a new glock..for a copy, a gun without brand and a manufacturer without experiece on guns just on parts...what about the reliability..
  15. Do you really feel confident shooting with one of those.?..I won´t..what if this thing explode on your face..
  16. QNman

    QNman resU deretsigeR

    You're KIDDING, right? This is somewhere along the lines of "don't buy one of those Glocks - they all go KABOOM!", right?
  17. It is a new design being added to a platform with arguably the best reliability record for an autoloader - people should be skeptical. It may be great or it may have issues. They may be able to resolve those issues, but Lone Wolf can have NOWHERE NEAR the R&D budget of Glock so I expect growing pains.

    Some of you have an addiction and will buy it anyway and I'm sure plenty will end up in the parts drawer with all the other stuff you bought that you found to be subpar to the factory parts.
  18. [​IMG]
  19. KaPPaBaLL

    KaPPaBaLL MemberScratcher

    i definitely hear what you're saying. i however also thought of this as well. I don't mind having couple parts from an aftermarket source, but having built a whole pistol with MOSTLY aftermarket parts would semi-ERK me. I still thing the new frame they're coming out is fine as long as the price isn't too much..
  20. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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